Sunday, February 05, 2012

Weekly Recap

Week 3 and 4 Recap
 {Week 3}
Weekly Average 1117
Goal 1200
{Week 4}
Weekly Average 1033
Goal 1200
My weekly average is counting the calories burned while working out.
I don't want anyone getting the idea that I'm not consuming enough calories.
I'm doing pretty well with eating.  I crave apples and oranges during the days now.
I almost always have an apple for snack and an orange with my lunch.
I eat yoplait fat free yogurt every day at lunch.  Delish!
I'm loving sandwich thins which are only 100 calories.
This is still a work in progress for me.
For example, I had IHOP for breakfast this morning.
Started adding it into myfitnesspal before we got our food and I immediately lost my appetite.
I know it is ok to splurge, but that food is so gross and afterwards I literally felt sick.
I'm still trying to break the soda habit.
This is the hardest thing for me and I look forward to my daily soda at lunch.
I'm not sure I can kick this habit.
I am absolutely loving zumba on Monday's and Wednesday's.
I go to 2 classes in a row on both of these nights.
Other than that, I am stumped on what to do.
I need to start doing my home videos.
I have turbo jam, 30 day shred, and zumba.
That is my goal this week.
 101 in 1001 update
13.  Visit friends in other states.
I just booked my flight to Chicago for Spring Break.  I'm so excited to visit Shelbs and Evan and to see their new place.
62.  Try 50 new foods.
I tried crab wontons this weekend.
Yes, I almost threw up but I did try it.  Def NOT my thing.
67.  Print 50 pictures a month.
I am so behind on this, but I did just print like 200 pictures. Yah!
I'm deteremined to get caught up and get all my pics into picture albums.
96. Plan a trip with my closest girlfriends. coming soon!
97.  Leave a 100% tip for someone.
52 Weekly Resolutions that I've completed.
Week 1-Make an anger punch list.
I started making my bed daily.  It's amazing how much this affects my mood in the evenings when I come home to a nicely made bed.
Week 3-Invest in a bag of impressive marshmellows.
I took marshmellows to our craft party recently.  Not sure anyone ate any, but I did take them.
I am hoping to buckle down this week.
My goal is to work out 4-5 times a week.
Happy Sunday lovelies!


Candace said...

Girl - we've been LOVING the marshmallows!! Tate is the biggest fan!

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

I love that you've made a list and are "checking them off" as you do them. Good idea.
I think I need to follow your "make the bed" advice. I'm so bad about that. Grrrr. ;(

Breanna Hohenstein said...

Good for you leaving a 100% tip :) Such a great deed!

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