Monday, February 06, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Write random and link up!!
I watched this movie two times this weekend!
Loved it!
I got pretty emotional during certain parts, but it was a great movie.

 {Braid Secret}
 I tried this braid yesteerday and I LOVED it!
I didn't get a pic, but I def will next time.

{Fabulous Valentines Challenge}

Valentine’s Day Challenge

Today's topic:  Love to be creative(crafts, recipe's, gift ideas)
Conversation Heart Cheesecake

Heart-Shaped fruit kabobs

{Happy Mingling!}

Hope you all have a lovely Monday!


Katie said...

I just wrote about that movie on my blog last week - I LOVED it. But it was so - at least it had a happy ending though! Hope you have a good Monday!

Rachel said...

I love Valentine's Day crafts -- they feel limitless! So excited to make some with my kiddos.

Have a fabulous Monday.


Life with Kaishon said...

I would love to see that movie. It looks hilarious!

Neely said...

I LOVEDDDD 50/50. I cried at the end when that song comes on

Amanda said...

Love the conversation heart cheesecakes! And I really want to see 50/50. Girl, you gots to fill me in on the full details of your weekend please ;-) Email me when you get a chance! Secret was revealed on the blog today too! You'll love it!


Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

Braid secret is awesome! i am loving this post! And 50/50 was such a good movie! Thanks for sharing !!


Summer said...

I want to see that movie but anything to do with health right now I am sure will rock me to my core so I am opting out of it! Check out the heart kaboobs of fruit! That would be an excellent treat without to much sugar lol for the pre-school valentine's day party! This post is so cute!


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