Saturday, October 24, 2015

29 before 30

1.  Adopt a puppy.
2.  Complete the Life group at Highlands.   
3.  Go to the Birmingham Art Museum.
4.  Open a savings account.
5.  Save $500
6.  Buy a new pair of tennis shoes.  
7.  Go to at least one concert.
8.  Go to the chiropractor.
9.  Go to a Baron's game.
10.  Run a 5K.
11.  Attend 21 days of 21 days of prayer.
12.  Travel somewhere new by myself.
13.  Go camping.
14.  Unplug for a full day.
15.  Write in a journal.
16.  Do 29 random acts of kindness.
17.  Send snail mail.
18.  Send flowers to someone.
19.  Donate blood.
20.  Complete couch to 5K
21.  Have a yard sale.
22.  Have a picnic.
23.  Watch 10 movies from IMDB's top 250.
      1.  Gone Girl  2.   
24.  Hike in 2 different places.
25.  Eat at a new fancy restaurant.
26.  Go to a pro football game.
27.  Go to Stone Mountain.
28.  Go to the beach.
29.  Get a massage.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Hands and Feet of Jesus

This was my first year to participate in Serve Day and can I just say…it was amazing.  We were able be the hands and feet of Jesus to bless a young man, named Noah, who had an accident several years ago leaving him quadriplegic and his mother who takes care of him, who just battled lung cancer herself.  Their home needed a lot of work, including a new roof.  We combined a couple of small groups and had about 60 volunteers working on the inside and outside of their home, including the landscaping. 

Here are some pictures from the day, but I will definitely before and after pictures once I get them.

Some screenshots from Pastor Chris' Periscope video…
Sorry Pastor Chris for the close up, but hey I got my picture with you.  :)
Maybe I missed my calling as a painter...

Make today count.   

Friday, July 10, 2015

Life Update

It has been wayyyy too long…

I just wanted to post a short update about what's been going on in my life lately.

My best friend got married, 

I got a new car,

I played mommy to this cute fella' while his parents were in Alaska, 

I had my first Pepper Place Farmer's Market experience

I planted a Daylily,

got a fish tank,

and we had a girl's night and went to Arc Stories

and the light tunnel.

And last but not least, tomorrow I get to participate in Serve Day for the first time.

Happy weekend friends!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Oh, HELLO WORLD and Classroom Reveal

I literally feel like I've fallen off the planet.  I started grad school in May and my life has been a whirlwind ever since.  

Teaching full time and going to school full time should be interesting, but I'm excited about both.

I've spent countless hours moving into my new classroom and setting it up so I wanted to share picture of the finished product.  I'm pleased with how it turned out.  There is still some work to do, but overall it's ready for my students.

Hallway Display

 Right outside my door

 Bulletin Board right outside my room

View from the door
View from the sensory room
Another view from the door
 Kitchen area/break area
 Carpet/Calendar/Smartboard area
 My desk area.
 Classroom rules, birthday chart, voice level chart, feelings chart, bulletin board, and hundreds chart.
 Calendar Area
 Choice/Play area
 Computer area that coincidentally doesn't have computers because they got taken.  :(
I should be getting a couple back soon.
 Another picture of my desk area.
 Small group area.
 Teaching table.
 Independent Work area...and my diy room divider!
Love it!
 Classroom Library
 Another view of the classroom library
 The start of my sensory room...I know it's slacking, but it's nowhere near done.

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Let me know what you think.  Happy weekend.
And to my teacher friends, here's to a fabulous year!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Miscellany Monday

{Fur Baby Lovin'}
She literally thinks is her bed.
{Old Baker Farm}
I love field trips...especially on a beautiful spring day!
See the baby chick cool!

{Mani/Pedi favorite way to relax after a long week}

{Saturday morning hike}
Coral's fave....she found the water in less than 2 seconds!

{Pool Time}
First sunburn on the accident!!!

Neon and Leopard faves!

Happy Monday lovelies!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Miscellany Monday

I celebrated St. Patty's Day in style with my Chicago tee.  :)

LK and I had a date day/night. 
She had lots of fun trying on hats in Barnes and Noble. 
This girl has plenty of personality to share.

After eating lunch and shopping, we stopped by the dam for some fun in the sun.
One of my favorite places.

Next up, day date with Halle.
First up...facials.

Then some play time with Coral, manis, and a movie.

We ended the afternoon with some trampoline fun at Airwalk and Five Guys...thanks to the best boyfriend ever. 
Both his idea and his treat.  :)

Play date with LK and the little sis.
We had some fun while mommy took baby brother to the doctor.
We watched Cinderella and Tangled, and still had some time to take a walk, play in the backyard, and go flower picking.

Best boyfriend award goes to Justin....he treated me to a facial, massage, and a foot scrub for Spring Break.
As if 9 days off wasn't enough.  :)

Trip to Columbus to visit Justin's fam.
We took a trip to the Wild Animal Safari....very cool!

Putt Putt!

And what trip would be complete without some car games.
We played MASH and the Alphabet game.

Justin had a driving buddy while I enjoyed a major pinterest session.
Happy Monday lovelies.

If today is your first day back from Spring Break, remember that it's almost summer.
Only 43 days left of school!

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