Monday, August 29, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Write random and link up with Carissa.
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
{Taking risks}
This was my fortune cookie this weekend from Sumo Japanese Steakhouse.
I always get so excited to read my fortune cookie and this one really pertained to my life right now.
My life is in transition and I feel like all of my decisions involve taking a risk of some kind. With that said, I am done being safe...
Also on that note, I applied for my absolute dream job last night.
I will keep you all posted.

{Girl's Weekend}
My weekend was fabulous....It involved 3 days with, Heather, my best friend since elementary school. We were college roommates and now both live within 5 minutes of each other.
We kept ourselves pretty busy with baby cuddles,


Going to the movies,

Church, Pool time, going out dancing, Sonic happy hour, Japanese, puppy lovin'

and much much more.
And I'm so excited because our weekend isn't quite over.
Today we are headed to the pool...then we are going to enjoy our pasta salad that we prepared last night and we are making cupcakes!! So excited.

{New Crush}
Yes, on both of these individuals.
I LOVE and think I might be slightly obsessed with Emma and Ryan after watching Crazy Stupid Love.
She is adorable, funny, gorgeous, smart, and so successful.
And he, I mean look at hime!!
We just thought we loved sweet Noah from The Notebook, but you haven't seen anything yet.

If you haven't seen this movie....go now! It is amazing and I will probably see it at least once more in theaters.

Heather and I made this sweet little gift basket for her Grandaddy's 84th birthday this weekend.

I wanted to share it because I thought it was the cutest idea. I can't wait to reuse this idea soon.
Her grandaddy loves nuts.
He also has the early stages of Alzheimer's and almost every kind of nut has some kind of health benefit directly related to Alzheimer's. We tied labels to each package of nut and listed the health benefits.

Nuts are insanely healthy, by the way.
So if you are looking for a healthy snack, there you go.

I have pinned so many DIY projects that I can't wait to share on Wednesday. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, also link up with Meg's fabulous Mingle Monday.
Mingle 240

Happy Monday lovies. Make it fabulous.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Favorites

Inspired by none other than the BEAUTIFUL LC!

Favorite Shape: Stars

Favorite Holiday: CHRISTmas

Favorite Cookie: White Macadamia

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Buttered Pecan

Favorite Splurge: Pedis (LOVE)

I'm about to head off for a fabulous girl's weekend with my bestie, Heather.
Happy Friday and weekend lovies!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's OK

I'm linking up with Neely and Amber for It's Ok Thursday!
Come on guys, join in the fun...all the cool kids are doing it...

It's OK...

To have an off day.
I'm happy 99% of the time, but last night I was bummed for no apparent reason. I think it's ok and pretty normal to feel this way every once in a while. The important thing is that I eventually snap out of it and remember how lucky I am to have food, water, shelter, clothing, and much much more.

Do any of you have these kind of days?
I'm sure someone out there is having one today so here is some inspiration...
It's so easy to get caught up in the stresses of every day life and forget how fortunate we really are.

I'm linking up with Jesslyn Amber for the simple things and these are just a few of the simple things that I do to help when I'm having an off day.
The Simple Things

Bubble Baths...oohhh lala
Although bubble baths are always a good idea, did you know they could also help cheer you up?

I'm a crier...
Does anyone else benefit from a good cry. Although I didn't get to this point last night, I always feel better after a good cry.

It's so good for the soul. Have you ever tried it?

I have the best friends and they aways cheer me up when I'm down.

Hope I cheered someone up.
Happy Thursday and happy weekend to me.
Lots of love!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday

I'm loving these books!!!
I finished book 1 and started book 2 last night. It's even more interesting now that I know what actors/actresses are playing the characters. I cheated and looked on imdb. I'm so torn though...I love Gale and Peeta. Which one do you love??

I'm loving my morning coffee.
A perk to living at my moms this in the morning!
Seriously the first thing I think about when my alarm goes off is that there is coffee calling my name from the coffee pot. Oh, it's the little things!!

I'm loving that this weekend is girls weekend with my bestie, Heather. We are doing a wine tasting on Saturday...something I've been dying to do. The rest of the weekend, I'm sure, will be filled with pj parties, chick flicks, dog walking, bike rides, sun bathing, adult beverages, yummy food, and lots of laughs. I.cannot.wait!!!

I'm loving that it's Wednesday... And my weekend starts tomorrow at 2. Also, did I mention that it's a 4 day weekend?!?

Today is my first time linking up with Michelle @ The Vintage Apple.
Happy Wednesday lovies!!

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Weak Sauce

Week sauce is the state of my arms right now. It's pretty pathetic, but my forearms are so sore from a weekend of fun!!! Between 2 days full of pool volleyball and kneeboarding, I could barely straighten my hair this morning. Weak sauce, I know!!

It's that time again to write random and link up.
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

This weekend was spent with my family at my mom and stepdad's house on the lake. We enjoyed spending time together getting pruny in the pool. Aside from pool fun, we were busy...
Taking boat rides,
Loving on the babies,
Eating delicious food, celebrating my brother's birthday, eating Zoe's chocolate cake,
Kneeboarding, cliff jumping, rope swinging, and more. My three newest addictions are Dominos, pool volleyball, and fruit ninja on my iPhone.

My brother and I are doing a marketing job for Adobe this week. The job requires us to promote Adobe on a college campus pretty close to my mom's house so my brother and I will be spending the week reliving our childhood. I see lots of dominos, phase 10, fishing, and yummy homemade dinners in my near future!!

{Roles reversed}
I'm playing mom tonight and cooking a yummy dinner. My favorite meal...chicken in Italian dressing with rice and green beans. Im so excited!
Bachelor Pad, yummy dinner, and furbaby cuddles are calling my name.

4 days until girl's weekend
12 days until the first Bama game...I'm so excited that I get to go.
12 days until our family beach trip
19 days until Mexico
So many exciting things to look forward to.

{Happy Mingling}
Mingle 240
Happy Monday lovies! Have a fabulous day!
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