Friday, August 05, 2011

Friday favorites

{Favorite VS model}
I have always been a huge fan of Miranda Kerr...and her Aussie accent.

{Favorite doggy accessory}
Coral's new hot pink collar. So what if it was made for a kitty. Haha. It was the only pink collar at Publix.
I mean seriously it has bonefish on much more Harbour island-ish can it get?

{favorite meal}
I'm loving Subway right now. There is something about a fresh sandwich when it is so hot outside.

{favorite item to bake}
I love making cakes and cupcakes. Today I brought Alli, Ryan, and Charles for a play date with my brother's kids Halle, Carter, and Cooper. We decided to bake a cake. So yummy!!

Happy Friday lovies! Have a wonderful weekend!


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1 comment:

Belly B said...

I LOVEEE Miranda Kerr!!!! I don't watch Victoria's Secret shows much, but she is definitely my favourite. She is adorable!!!

Belly B :)

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