Monday, August 22, 2011

Weak Sauce

Week sauce is the state of my arms right now. It's pretty pathetic, but my forearms are so sore from a weekend of fun!!! Between 2 days full of pool volleyball and kneeboarding, I could barely straighten my hair this morning. Weak sauce, I know!!

It's that time again to write random and link up.
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

This weekend was spent with my family at my mom and stepdad's house on the lake. We enjoyed spending time together getting pruny in the pool. Aside from pool fun, we were busy...
Taking boat rides,
Loving on the babies,
Eating delicious food, celebrating my brother's birthday, eating Zoe's chocolate cake,
Kneeboarding, cliff jumping, rope swinging, and more. My three newest addictions are Dominos, pool volleyball, and fruit ninja on my iPhone.

My brother and I are doing a marketing job for Adobe this week. The job requires us to promote Adobe on a college campus pretty close to my mom's house so my brother and I will be spending the week reliving our childhood. I see lots of dominos, phase 10, fishing, and yummy homemade dinners in my near future!!

{Roles reversed}
I'm playing mom tonight and cooking a yummy dinner. My favorite meal...chicken in Italian dressing with rice and green beans. Im so excited!
Bachelor Pad, yummy dinner, and furbaby cuddles are calling my name.

4 days until girl's weekend
12 days until the first Bama game...I'm so excited that I get to go.
12 days until our family beach trip
19 days until Mexico
So many exciting things to look forward to.

{Happy Mingling}
Mingle 240
Happy Monday lovies! Have a fabulous day!
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Rachel said...

Sounds like a great weekend & a nice night!
:) Jealous of all of your lake time!

Meg {henninglove} said...

that puppy is super adorable. cant wait for bachelor pad tonight again, my guilty pleasure! and that chocolate cake looks amazing and making me hungry now

Neely said...

Hells yeah to watching Bachelor Pad!

Lexi Podolski said...

I love reading your blog, you're so entertaining and adorable.... but when college football season begins.. I don't think we can be friends.. at least not during the Arkansas/Bama games.. ;) HAHA!!

crystal hollyhand said...

I remember you and Kim always making chicken and Italian dressing in college!I also remember black beans and rice!! :)

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