Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday Loves

OK friends, I have a confession.
I'm a big fat CHEATER...
I am officially cheating on my gym.
Poor Snap.
I joined Snap because it's convenient, cheap, and offers zumba...
I'm thinking about swapping to Gold's Gym because it's just as convenient, cheaper, and offers zumba and much much MORE.
I love the girls that I have met at Snap and I love knowing the routines, but I am in such a rut because I'm not interested in the 1 class that Snap offers on Tuesday's and Thursday's.
In my dream world, I would be able to go to Snap on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays and then go to Gold's the other days.  Is that too much to ask?
Yes, I know it is but that's really what I want.
At least for the next 7 days while I'm doing my free trial with Gold's, I can have both!
Mission least until next week!  :)
OK so we all know what Wednesday brings....two of my favorite link ups.
What Im Loving Wednesday with Jamie and Oh How Pinteresting with Michelle.
{Happy Leap Day}
There is something so exhilerating about this day...I mean it only happens every 4 years!
How awesome is that?
I'm feeling hopeful that it's going to be an extraordinarily good day!

I'm not supersticious and I know that GOD is in charge of everything, but it's still fun to believe in luck.
I feel like today is going to be lucky...

Countdown continues....15 days!!

{Near Year New You}
My energy level/motivation is through the roof this week.
I did sneak a cupake yesterday, but 90 minutes of cardio on Monday and 120 minutes of cardio and strength on Tuesday are getting my week off to a great start.

For those of you who don't know, I live with my sister, brother in law, and 7 month old nephew.

I love them dearly and appreciate the fact that they don't mind having me around.....
but they are leaving today and will be gone until Sunday and I can't help but be a little excited to have a few days all to myself.  Who doesn't need some alone time every once in a while. party I mean probably going to bed even earlier than I already do and doing lots of reading while laying on the couch in absolute silence.

And if you are reading this Kim, thanks for keeping me around and I'll miss ya'll.  PEACE.  JK!
For real though, safe travels and I really will miss ya'll.

Ok moving on to Oh How Pinteresting.

Happy Wednesday lovies!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Miscellany Monday

My weekend was fabulous!
Girl's Night Friday night...
Dinner at my favorite Japanese steakhouse, some wine, and some dancing!
Saturday consisted of lots of shopping, and then a small get together for grilling and card games.
Sunday was a trip to the circus with my sister, her husband, and 2 of my nieces and then movie night.

I will post about each of these things in detail later.  
Its 9:45 on Sunday night and my bedtime is quickly approaching.  
Yes, I realize that having a bedtime of 10 makes me old.

Button Swap
I am looking for sponsor swaps for the month of March.  Anyone interested in swapping buttons?
Just leave a comment or email me at

I finally can say I completed a smell the roses challenge.  Yah!!
Lovely Little Things
This week's challenge was to try something new.
I tried quiet a few things this week, but the most exciting was riding an elephant.
I've ALWAYS dreamed of riding an elephant and I still want to ride an elephant in an amazing place like Africa or Thailand or anywhere but at a circus, but I still rode an elephant.
Pictures to come!

Happy Monday lovelies!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

High Five for Friday

Hello lovelies!  It's my favorite day, FRIDAY!!!  I know it was a short week, but it was a very exhausting short week!  I need the weekend....don't you?

It's my favorite day because it's almost the weekend and because it's time for some of my favorite link ups.
{Friday Favorites}
Inspired by Lauren Conrad
1.  Favorite Quote
2.  Favorite the shorts/heels combo
3.  Favorite Beach Body...who wouldn't agree?
4.  Favorite place to be
5.  Favorite candle

{High Five for Friday}

 Post about 5 favorite things that happened recently and link up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk
I got my new watch in the mail yesterday...
Thanks Jess @ Lovely Little Things for sharing these brilliant buys with me!
I literally put it on as soon as I opened the box and wore it all night last night.
I'm in love! 

The sweet letter that I received from my pen pal this week.
My new zumba skirt came in the mail earlier this week and I got to wear it for the first time at Wednesday's's just fun wearing this cute little number and everyone in class has them.  :)
A sweet comment that a woman from my zumba class gave me (note-she looks incredible herself)....
she told me that I had cute legs and that my arms were really toned.  Then she proceeded to ask me if I ran/worked out a lot, which is a no. 
I try, but my working out a lot typically means zumba 2 days a week...I think that my arms look worst now than they ever have, but I will def take the compliment.  It def made me happy and I'm pretty sure I worked out harder during zumba because of it.

After she said something, I started paying more attention to my legs in the mirror and I have to admit, they are starting to look and feel more toned.  I feel like I've had a breakthrough and now that I'm starting to actually SEE results, I'm more motivated than ever.  YEAH!
Except I didn't work out last night...I can have one day off though right?
Hunger Games tickets went on sale on Wednesday!!
Who is excited?
I am stoked and our girl's night to see the midnight premier is already in motion!

I'm also linking up with Tara from Fabulous but Evil.
The Nail Files
Make today ridiculously's Friday!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's OK

Yahhh it's Thursday, which means the weekend is just around the corner.
It also means that it's time for It's OK Thursday with Neely and Amber!!
Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...
that even though I'm not a Courntey fan, I loved what she planned for her hometown date.
(Bachelor talk for those who don't watch...I sometimes wish I didn't)

that my fur baby makes me so happy.

that I still need a team to recruit me for the COLOR RUN in Atlanta on March 31...anybody going?
and does anyone know anything about a blogger meetup??

that I'm officially counting down til summer....57 days!!!

that two zumba classes killed me last night!!

that I'll be going to visit one of my absolute bestest friends in exactly 21 days!!
Yes, I can't believe I'm posting this pic, but it describes our friendship pretty well.  She holds me up when I'm falling.  :)
This pic is from a previous trip to Chicago when we had fun dressing in boys clothing to go to brunch...not sure why but we are kinda crazy.  I'm so excited to go see her!
I love her!!

Happy Thursdayyyyy!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Lovies

Wow I love 4 day work weeks!
It's already Wednesday which means it's time to link up!
First up, is What I'm Loving Wednesday with Jamie.

I'm loving this braid that my sister tried on my hair the other day.

We also tried this one, but we need more practice.
I love this look though.

{Blinded by the Brights}
I'm loving everything neon for spring!  I went shopping last weekend and every where I looked there was neon, neon, and more neon.
It made me so happy!!
{New Shoes}
Who has 2 thumbs and now has new running shoes...well at least they are ordered.
Hopefully I will get a little box on my doorstep in the next few days!!
Here they are...
I've literally spent hours looking online.
I was about to give up when I found these lovelies on sale!
Along with these, I also did some Ebay shopping and found these.
2 more boxes...they always make me happy.
I'm thinking these will be adorable with dresses for spring.

And yes, I'm ready for some neon!

Next up...
Oh How Pinteresting with Michelle.

Here are some of my fave pins this week!
Reuse old vases

Cake Fondue
I felt it was only fitting to add this one in.

 Happy hump day friendsies!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Be healthy 101

Be healthy 101/Operation Everything

Well, I told you on Sunday that Monday was the day that I was buckling down on this operation lose weight/tone up/feel good in a bikini/eat better/see results/get to my goal weight thing and I meant it!
Somehow I woke up early yesterday and made it to 9AM Zumba (should've been much harder than it actually was) and then came home and did 30 day shred.  I've gotta be honest though, once the 30 day shred video started, I lost all of my energy...but I pushed through!  I did it and then I even took Coral for a walk around the neighborhood...I was so proud of myself.
And just for kicks, I also did this.
I also took a trip to the grocery store. 
For me personally, convenience is key when I'm trying to be healthy.
For example, I have to pack my gym back the night before because I cannot stand having to come home before I go work out.  And luckily, since I live my awesome sister and her hubby, and she always lets Coral our for me when she gets home.  Anyways back to the point...I need convenience....who doesn't?

I'm always running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but I am not satisfied with eating frozen lean cuisines for lunch every day, as convenient as they are. 
 I just don't think they are nutritious enough and honestly I don't love them. 
So as I did my grocery shopping yesterday, I thought about ways to make packing my lunches quick and easy.

Introducing the newest way to make my mornings go smoothly without having to skip out on packing a lunch, leaving me with lunchroom food.  :( 

I bought a big container of organic carrots that were already in serving size plastic bags!
I also splurged and bought the invidual packs of ranch dressing...yes, it's a bit more expensive, but when it makes the difference in me packing carrots in my lunch or not, it's so worth it. 
I also bought lots of fruit!!
And these cute little containers that are perfect for 1 serving size of anything.
If you are anything like me, portion control it key!
I am going to start packing these little containers every Sunday so that I am all ready to just throw them into my lunchbox. 
If you are wondering what else I will be packing...
More fruit...apples, oranges, and bananas
Bread...Sandwich thins are so yummy and only 100 calories
Boar's Head Turkey
Pita Chips/Baked Cheese Crackers
some of this deliciousness!
Yes, I know it looks disgusting but trust's not!

Obviously, I won't be eating all of that in 1 day, but thats what I typically will be packing for my snacks and lunches for the week.

If today is any indication of how this week will be, then I'm feeling pretty good.
I'm feeling more inspired than ever and so motivated.
Hope you fellow teachers enjoyed your Monday off and I hope everyone has a fantastic Tuesday!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Write random and link up.

If you didn't get a chance to read yesterday's post, I desperately need to know what kind of shoes you girlies wear when working out/running.
I tried on billions of pairs the other day at the mall, but found nothing.
I am so indecisive and need some suggestions, PLEASE!!

Friday night I literally did nothing.
I ordered pizza, which has sort of become a Friday night ritual.
I also watched The Bucket def made me cry.

Saturday I shopped all day with a friend...found nothing that I went to buy of course.
But I did get some new workout shorts.

 Sunday, I went to church and lunch with a friend and then did some cleaning and laundry.
Sounds like so much fun, right?

{Time to buckle down}
Tomorrow is the day that I am getting back into my routine of healthy living.
That's why I'm drinking wine and eating chips and bean dip as I write this post.
Those things are def not allowed as of tomorrow.
Here is some inspiration that I found on Pinterest, of course.

Happy Monday lovelies!

It's a 3 day weekend so I am enjoying one more day of whatever I want.
Hopefully I made it to zumba at 9 this morning and hopefully weather permitted for some hiking!

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