Monday, February 13, 2012

Miscellany Monday

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My name is Stephanie.  I am a 26 year old special education teacher.  I work with kindergarten-aged students and I could not be happier.  I'm your typical southern belle.  I'm driven, passionate, loving, friendly, funny (or at least I laugh at myself a lot), down-to-earth, simple, and very adventurous.  I love's my biggest passion in life.  I also have the best friends and family a girl could ask for.  I love the blogging world and love meeting new people.  I blog because it's fun...the day that is stops being fun is the day that I stop blogging.  I have been blogging for 3 years and it keeps getting better and better.  I'm a die hard Alabama fan....National Champions baby...sorry I couldn't resist, but I am NOT an obnoxious fan.  In fact, I am usually the one at tailgates making friends with the opponent's fans.  I just like meeting new people.  I love working out, eating, cooking, and crafting.  This is by far the longest I've ever made it with my New Year's Resolutions and I am not about to stop now. Join me as I venture through 2012, checking things off of my list(s), yes many of them, as I go.
{Happy Birthday Tate}
I didn't get a picture of the birthday boy, but here is a family pic.
Isn't this the cutest family portrait?

Candace has an awesome blog...go check it out.
Here are the only 2 pictures that I took... 
Big sis, Addison.  And some of the girls at the party.

{The Vow}
So I read the book on Thursday and Friday...and saw the movie Saturday after Tate's party.
I don't want to say too much, but I was a little disappointed.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie but it wasn't my favorite.
The book was very stayed true to the real-life events, which I liked.  
However, I wanted more romance.
The movie made me mad in certain parts and I think I juist wanted more cheesiness.
My sister is fostering 3 puppies...they are 9 days old.
I went over yesterday to meet them and help her bottle feed them.
I kind of fell in love...

My aunt is also fostering one...she is in the top left corner...she is def spoiling her little baby.
The 2 black ones are doing well, but my sister also has a white one that is really sick.
She is struggling and is having to get a shot every 3 hours.
I started crying watching's so sad.

My sister def has a special heart for animals. 
She once nursed a squirrel from like 3 days old until it was big enough to live in the wild.
{Girl's Night}
Saturday night, Mandy and I went to Tuscaloosa to visit Melissa. 
We had so much fun dancing and spending time together.

The strip got a brand new Waffle House...ahh why wasn't this there when I was in college.
Don't worry, we got us some grub after some late night dancing.
I know some may hate Waffle House, but I secretly love it!

{Valentines Swap}
I was paired with Amanda from The Mayor's Wife
OMG she hooked me up!!
She even got Coral some sweet was that?!?

Happy Monday lovelies!


Katie said...

looks like a great weekend! How fun to have a girls night out!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Those puppies are SO, so cute!
And The Vow...ugh.
It was an okay movie, but I had such high expectations!
I was left wanting more!

Happy Monday, girl!

Amanda said...

Where do I begin?! This is definitely a full weekend recap, and you were so busy! Those puppies are so darn cute. I hope the sick one gets better soon. And I'm glad you had fun with your girlfriends. As for Waffle House, I've never been, so I'm curious about it now. Happy Monday!

Emily said...

Let's be honest, no matter how much anyone may dislike Waffle House it is the perfect late night food stop!

Neely said...

I am so in the minority cause I loved the VOW. Chad did too but Im not supposed to tell anyone...ooops!

Holly said...

New follower from Neely's link up! Looks like you had a great weekend! Who can resist those sweet puppies?! And you really did get the hook up in the Valentine's Day swap! Woohoo!

Candace said...

Love the shout-out/love!!

Enjoyed seeing you this weekend. Let's hang out again soon!

Celia said...

you were spoiled!! love everything you received! =)

tara said...

wow!! you totally got spoiled in the swap! :)

Monica said...

Hey! New follower here! You were definitely spoiled in the swap!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Oh my goodness...the puppies are so cute! Wow, I haven't seen a Waffle House since I moved out of the South. Such good memories:)


Meg O. said...

Love all the stuff you got in the swap! What does that magic frog to prince thing do? I'm curious!! LOL Thank you for participating in our swap! I'm happy that you had so much fun with it!!!

Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

Waffle House is so yummy, especially the hash browns. Yum!

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