Thursday, February 09, 2012

It's OK

Hi lovies.
Who's excited that it's almost Friday?
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Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK...
 that i bought the last copy of The Vow from Target yesterday.
I am so excited and yes, I am going to try to read it by this weekend so that I can go see it ASAP.

I'm sensing a girls' night in the near, near future.  :)

that I have only worked out once this week...
I was sick...that's my excuse, but the gym is about to see a lot more of me because
I officially joined last night.
I have my own access card and everything.  Holla'

that I am participating in No Fast Food February...
lucky for me I do not consider Subway fast food bc I'm currently obsessed.

that I know who win's the Bachelor and I'm so unhappy about it...
I don't have to date her, but let me just say...she's the absolutel worst!
I won't give it away though.
You have to watch for yourself or check out reality steve.

that I had forgotten how painful retainers can be.
Remember when Coral ate mine?
Oh yea, that happened.
I got my new ones yesterday and ouch!
They hurt a lot.
It's def ok that my teeth will align back up though...I had a little movement while I was retainerless.
and now I'm just making up words.

Happy Thursday ladies!!



Katie said...

I wrote my first It's OK post today! And subway is not fast food! : )

SimplyHeather said...

Let us know how you liked The Vow (book) - I seriously need to get somewhere and buy it sometime before Monday because that's when I'm gonna see the movie! I just found out there was a book a couple days ago. Eh!

Sarah said...

I totally have skimped out on the gym this week too....except I'm not sick. haha and that's not ok :)

Emily said...

I think that Subway can easily be classified as 'non fast food'... I mean fresh baked bread, fresh veggies & built to order is definitely not fast food!

shelby said...

There's only one person not to like on the Bachelor...I can't wait to see if they are still together after he watches the season.

Jessica said...

I'm going to see The Vow Saturday - AND LET ME TELL YOU I AM EXCITED!
I'll have to read it after - I didn't know it was a book! Dang!

Happy Thursday, girl!

PS - Added your button to my blog love pageee!

ty said...

I wanna try this no fast food business ... I don't think I've had any yet this month!

Kristin said...

"No fast food" is an awesome challenge. I'm trying "no new clothes". Good luck!

Laura said...

Please tell me courtney doesnt win the Bachelor?

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