Friday, February 17, 2012

High Five for Friday

Hi lovelies!
Thanks for stopping by.
It’s time for High Five for Friday/Friday Favorites.
Post about 5 of your favorite things from this week and link up with From My Grey Desk.
Who watched the Grammy’s this week?

I love award shows and although I might not give 100% of my attention to the entire show, I like to know what awards were given to who and I love watching the performances. In my opinion, there were some amazing performances this year…quite a few from my favorite artist/bands!

This brings me to my five highlights from this week.

Favorite Grammy Performances
Bruno Mars….love him!

Adele…who doesn’t love her!

Katy Perry…never disappoints!

Favorite Grammy Looks
Carrie Underwood…absolutely stunning!
Adele…classic and fabulous!

Valentines Day with my students
it was like having 36 Valentines.
36 kindergarten kids who just think their teacher’s are the greatest things…nothing beats that!

Breakfast of champions.
I’m usually not a big breakfast eater, but I’ve been so hungry lately.
Forget about my healthy kick…it was half way thrown out the window this week.
Two chick-fil-a breakfasts combined with my candy bar breakfast on Valentines Day doesn’t make for a very healthy week.

We all know how much I love to travel…well this weekend I’m taking a very unexpected trip to New Orleans!
I’m so excited to get to see my boyfriend, to experience Mardi Gras for the first time, and to road trip with some coworkers of mine!

I’m also linking up for Nail Files…this is my first time participating in this link up because I always forget about it, but not this week. I’ve been dying to show off my festive fingernails.
I love painting my nails and I typically change polish once a week depending on how busy I am.
The Nail Files
Last weekend, I treated myself to a mani/pedi (consider it my Valentines present to myself) and had to get something kinda fancy done that I couldn’t do myself.

The polish on my nails is ….
The polish on my toes is Elephantastic…and yes I chose it because it had the word elephant in it.

We all know how I feel about elephants. LOVE THEM!
I originally was going to get pink hearts on my nails, but my lovely manicurist went with red and I didn’t say anything…so no my nails and toes do not match, but considering its been so cold this week, it’s not like anyone has seen my toes.

Happy Friday friends!
I’m off to enjoy my three day weekend! Holla!


Meg Cady said...

Isn't being a teacher on valentines the best!!! I could t even see my desk!! After the day was done!!
I'm goin to Shreveport Mardi gras this weekend (not as crazy as NOLA but im looking forward to it too!!)

I hope you have a great weekend an happy Friday!!!

jennie said...

What a cute heart!! I love it! Great pink too!

Cassandra Johnson said...

Oohh, Mardi Gras! I'm from Louisiana but moved a few years back. I miss it! So fun! Awesome nail color!

Happy Friday! :)

Emily said...

Have fun at Mardi Gras.... Just a tip thought: wear shoes you don't love on Bourbon Street, there is a 99% chance they'll get ruined!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Chickfila breakfast is my weakness.

And oh my gosh - so much Valentine loveee!
Can't wait to be a teacher :)

And how are your nails so perfect looking?!
Mine are always chipped and jagged...ah!

Happy weekend girl - have a blast :)


Monica said...

I love both of those colors! I am a little jealous your going to Mardi Gras!

Amanda said...

I had elephantastic on my fingers last week! I think I might paint my nails grey for the weekend! I painted them red on Tuesday, but they chipped really quickly so I took it off. Womp womp. Have a FANTASTIC time this weekend!!!!!!!!

Jewely Bug said...

I adore your heart nail! How stinkin cute. :)

Beverly said...

omg... Adele can sing Rolling in the Deep a bugabazillion times, and she will still give me the goosies!! Love her to death!!!!

Carrie Underwood looked extra adorable that night, and love her dress!!!

Happy Friday!

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

We all deserve to treat ourselves :) The nail polish I'm wearing is a treat I bought after getting a shot at the doctors hehe

Celia said...

I am so jealous of your nail art!!!!

tara said...

your nails look so cute!

Anonymous said...

I love your post! Carrie and Adele were my favorite looks as well! :)

Beth said...

I'm swooning over your nails- that little heart is precious! Stealing that idea for V-day next year! Also- I own the Elepantastic pink color too! Like you, I can't resist anything with elephant in the name and the pink shade is too cute!

Sarah E. said...

I think I have both of those colors, although I've only tried the elephantastic. It's so cute!

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