Monday, February 27, 2012

Miscellany Monday

My weekend was fabulous!
Girl's Night Friday night...
Dinner at my favorite Japanese steakhouse, some wine, and some dancing!
Saturday consisted of lots of shopping, and then a small get together for grilling and card games.
Sunday was a trip to the circus with my sister, her husband, and 2 of my nieces and then movie night.

I will post about each of these things in detail later.  
Its 9:45 on Sunday night and my bedtime is quickly approaching.  
Yes, I realize that having a bedtime of 10 makes me old.

Button Swap
I am looking for sponsor swaps for the month of March.  Anyone interested in swapping buttons?
Just leave a comment or email me at

I finally can say I completed a smell the roses challenge.  Yah!!
Lovely Little Things
This week's challenge was to try something new.
I tried quiet a few things this week, but the most exciting was riding an elephant.
I've ALWAYS dreamed of riding an elephant and I still want to ride an elephant in an amazing place like Africa or Thailand or anywhere but at a circus, but I still rode an elephant.
Pictures to come!

Happy Monday lovelies!!


Katie said...

sounds like a great weekend! Hope you have a good Monday!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

UM are you kidding?!
You rode an elephant...that's awesome!
Can't wait to see pictures!
So stoked that you got to link up today :) yay!

And PS Japanese places are my goooood!
But I always eat way too much lol

Happy Monday, love!

Em S said...

Sounds like a really fun weekend!!

Emily said...

I'd love to do a button swap with you, but I'll warn you I don't have as many followers as you do... I'd love to participate though!

Beverly said...

oh my!! an elephant?!?! you shut your mouth!!! (j/k) BUT HOLLLYYYY WOW!!! So proud of you!

P.S. almost done with my new blog page, which means I'll have buttons (WOOOOP), so if I'll email you when it's final to see if you're still up and willing to do a lil swap action ;)

Beth said...

Rode an elephant?!?! Amazeballs!! Can't wait to see the pictures!!

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