Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fabulous Valentines Challenge: Best/Worst Date

Valentine’s Day Challenge
I am a little late considering this challenge started yesterday, but I am combining day 1 and 2.
Topic:  Best/Worst Date 
I've had lots of good dates and only a few bad dates, but here goes.
Best date
New Orleans-Christmas 2011
Celebration in the Oaks

Christmas lights, mixed with great company (Kent), mixed with rides!
This is definitely my kind of date!
The only thing that would have made it better would have been ice skating, but it was closed.

I wish that I had taken some good pics of Kent and I,
but it was kinda freezing and I was just trying to stay warm.

Worst Date
It was a blind date set up by my sister-in-law. 
We were meeting at California Pizza Kitchen for dinner.
I might have had a little shooter in the car before I went in because I was so super nervous and I thought it would help my nerves.
Instead, I was a laughing machine...I literally COULD NOT stop laughing.
This guy probably thought he the funniest human alive.
It wasn't a great match anyway, but I'm pretty sure my DRINK would have screwed things up anyways.
Note to self.
Hold the shooter next time.
I did get a free meal at one of my favorite places though.
That's a plus!

I've been on one other blind date and it was equally as bad.
I guess blind dating is not really my thing.

Join Neely, Amber, and Casey for another fabulous challenge.
Happy Tuesday lovelies!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy "Mon" day

was amazing {Period}.
More on this later...
My birthday was amazing and was spent with a few of my very best friends.
I'm very sad that my bff, Shelbs, couldn't come but I will be seeing her very soon!
Before we left Nashville yesterday, we stopped by the mall and specifically went into Michael Kors.
I am in love with the rose gold watch that I tried on.
My birthday + Valentines Day + Tax Return = I'm getting it.
I really need this watch!
I won $20 yesterday from scratch off lottery tickets.
I was so excited and owe it to my lucky penny that I found on heads.
{Bday Dinner}
Last night, my brother-in-law and sister (who I live with} cooked me dinner (my choice) for my birthday.
I chose pork chops...I was convinced that I hated pork chops until I ate one that my brother-in-law had cooked and now I'm a little obsessed with them.
So I got home from Nashville around 6:45 and was pleasantly surprised when I saw that my sister had done all of my laundry.  Happy birthday to me!
That is sisterly love there, my friends.
I have a bad, bad case of the traveling bug.
From the moment we crossed the Alabama line, we were already talking about where we could go next.
Recommendations are welcome.
For affordable weekend getaways, it would be nice to stay within a 5 hour range of Birmingham.
{Happy Mingling}
Mingle 240
Happy "my day" lovelies!!


Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Faves

Hi lovelies...I'm so glad you stopped by!
{Favorite Polish}
Yes, I realize it is pretty spring-ish but the 60ish weather lately is making me crave spring.
This color is play date...what a fun name!
I thought it would be perfect for my birthday weekend/girls' trip to Nash-Vegas!
Today is the day!  Wish you could come Shelbs!
{Favorite blog}
Sweetness in Starlight 

{Favorite trend}
I'm obsessed, but haven't worked up the courage to break out with this trend yet.

{Favorite DIY}
{Favorite color combo}
Pink and Red
This cold have a tiny bit to do with my love for Valentines Day!  :)
Join some of my fave girls in this fun linkies.
Happy happy early birthday to me...
I mean Friday.
Tomorrow I will be 26...eeekkkkk!
I'll also be in Nashville will 3 of my favorite girls!
PS I think its a sign that I'm getting older when I first typed 27, then changed it to 26, then still second guessed myself.  Ahh...with age comes insanity.
By favorite blog, I mean favorite real-life friend blogger.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's OK

It's Thursday so we all know what that means...time for It's OK with Neely and Amber.
It's OK....
that the manager at Snap Fitness extended my free week trial until Feb 1.
Yah...I don't have to join just yet.
Although I do plan on joining.
that I still cannot stop watching The Bachelor...even though it's pretty dreadful.
that I think this is hilarious!!
that this week has been absolutely CRAZY.
My students are so wack that I would swear every day this week has been a full moon.
that every night this week, I have had a small bowl of Eclair.
Heaven in a dish!
Not only am I working out hard saying "I think I can, I think I can"...
now I'm saying I know I can if I want to have some Eclair tonight!

that I might have gone 3 weeks without a driver's license...
(mom, if you are reading this, act like you didn't)
I lost it on New Year's Eve and just got a new one made today.
SO bad, I know!

Make today ridiculously amazing!
Happy almost Friday lovelies!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Loves

Happy hump day...it's Wednesday.
And like every Wednesday, I'm linking up with 2 of my faves for WILW and OH How Pinteresting.

This girl has been stressing me out a little bit lately, but I can't help but adore her.
I just loved when she peeked her little head around the shower curtain when I was taking a nice, relaxing bath the other night.

I'm loving that I have decided to start swapping sponsorship with a few really cool girls.
I love the idea of swapping and helping each other.
If you are interesting in swapping for February, please email me.
I'd love to find a few more blogs to swap with for February.

3 days until our girl's trip to Nashville!
I'm beyond excited for this trip.

I'm loving the nice sunshine that we have had lately here in good ole' Alabama.
It just makes me so happy.  :)

OK friends, now it's time for some pins.
We all love Pinterest.

Happy Wednesday lovelies! 
Make it a good day!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday 10: Inspiration

                                                                        Hi friends.
Thanks for stopping by.
Tuesday 10 is all about inspirations today.
All Women Stalk



I hope that I shared some new inspirations/resources with you.
Happy Tuesday lovies!

PS....if you have any good resources, please share!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Write random and link up.
{Craft Party}
Friday night was another successful craft party.
I'm loving my map frame that I did.  
I chose 12 places that I've been, I will make another when I have 12 new places to add.
I realized that I forgot about Indianapolis, Stanford CT, Myrtle Beach, and probably a few more so maybe I'll have 12 more to add sooner rather than later.

I def rocked a fishtail braid this weekend. I wore it to my niece's birthday party.
My nephew loved that it was called a fishtail. Haha
I'm always looking for easy fixes. 
My hair is soo long so somtimes I just need a break from straightening/curling.

{Brooklyn Bridge}
My sister and I started and finished this puzzle yesterday.
I can't wait to frame it.
It's even cooler to me since I've actually been there!

Unfortunately, I couldn't get this to upload right side up.
I wanted to share a pic of her at her birthday party.
She really is a precious little angel.
Love her!!

Little Colin also turned 6 months.  Happy 1/2 birthday boo!
These are his lover boy eyes.
Any time that I talk to him, he gets all bashful.
Cutest thing ever.

Happy mingling lovies!

Have a terrific Monday!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 3 Recap

Weekly Average
 (this is the average without subtracting what I burned each day)
Daily Goal
1200 Calories

I worked out so hard this week.  Even though I skipped working out on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
It's ok not to work out every day even though I do feel a little guilty for it.

My weight 3 weeks ago ranged between 121 and 122.
My weight this morning was 116.
I think the reason why that hasn't dropped more since last week is because I am working out hard and building muscle which weighs more than fat.

I loved elliptical machines in college, but I am pretty bored by them now.
I much prefer zumba, hiking, or walking/jogging outside.
I think this week I will try to mix it up a bit.
I found my tubro jam last week and I am getting my 30 day shred back from my sister this week.

I am hoping that planning this out ahead of time will help me to be accountable.
Tuesday-Turbo Jam
Friday-30 day shred

We all know how much I love marking things off of my list!  :)

Update on 101 in 1001
97.  I left a 100% tip for our waitress at my niece's birthday dinner. 2/6

Saturday, January 21, 2012

This is me

 I have officially hit 200 followers.
It has been bobbling between 199 and 200 for most of the week,
but I think maybe 200 is finally here to stay.
3 years ago, I started this blog as a keepsake of the happenings in my life...
it is so much more than that now.

I have "met" so many wonderful people who I adore...I feel like we are all real-life friends.

So many of you inspire me to do great things.
I have grown so much as a person in the last 3 years and I hope my blog has captured that.
Yes, I may come off as a "positive polly" sometimes, but that is really just me.
I always try to look at the positive in things...
sometimes I think worrying about the negative is just a waste of time.

Now don't get me wrong, I have plenty of flaws but the things that I struggle with most in life are pretty deep and I sometimes don't know how to get it down in words.

That is something I am striving for this year.
I want to be "real" on my blog and I want to share my insecurities with all of you.

I know a lot of us share some of the same struggles and we, as bloggers and friends, are always very willing to share our experiences with one another.

I just want to thank you all for being a part of my blog and my life.
Chances are that most of you have impacted mine in one way or another.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Favorities

It's my favorite day of the week!!!

{Favorite moment}
My adorable niece, Blakely, turned 1 yesterday!
It's crazy how fast they grow up!

{Favorite feeling}
Definitely the feeling that I have after I have worked out.
True story...
I was in such a wierd Tuesday night and all day Wednesday.
Wednesday night, I did cardio and weights and then did zumba.
I smiled during the entire zumba class.
I promise that is the best feeling ever.
The room was full of women, and 1 guy, all different sizes,
but we were all having so much fun dancing and acting crazy.
It was really cool, feeling like I had such a connection with all of the women in that class, even though I had never met any of them.

{Favorite scent}

{Favorite splurge}

{Favorite End of the week Activity}

Have a wonderful day friends!

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