Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Lovies

It's hump day!!!
Like always, I'm linking up with Jamie for WILW.

 {Snap Fitness}
I'm loving that Snap Fitness offers a free week trial to new members.
Heather and I went last night and worked out booties off!
They offer zumba, yoga, and a few other classes that I can't wait to try!

{Smell The Roses}
I'm loving Jessica's blog and her Smell the Roses challenge that she shares each week.
Last week's was to write a letter to someone...the perfect opportunity for me to kick things off with my new pen pal.  There is something invigorating about writing letters.

Not sure why it uploaded sideways, but oh well.
I'm kind of obsessed with this quote lately.
This week's Smell The Roses challenge is to annonymously buy someone else's coffee.
I love these kind of challenges.
Check them out and participate if you're feeling inspired to.

{Blog Awards/Tags}
I am loving that I have been tagged with some awards/tags recently.
Unfortunately, I started to respond (answer questions/ask questions), but to be honest I probably won't get around to blogging about them. 
I admire those of you who have posts scheduled for weeks in advance.
I do mine daily and it's all I can manage to write/read posts.
I do love you all who have tagged/awarded me...I feel so special!!

I cleaned out/organized/color coded my closet the other day.  I also cleaned out all of my drawers and got myself all organized.  It feels so good and I'm loving it!

My closet was color coded and sorted by tanks/short sleeved/long sleeeves/etc. all through high school and college, but because of last of space I haven't had it that organized in a while.
I finally had enough and took the bull by the horns.
I am giving lots of stuff away and I don't think I will miss any of it!

I'm also linking up with Michelle for Oh How Pinteresting.

Happy Wednesday lovelies!


Cheryl E. said...

Hahaha your wine quote is hilarious. As I am a huge wine lover I feel like I may have said this before :)

Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!


Jessica said...

Way to make my morning.
You're wonderful!
I did this week's task last night!

Hahaha I'm dying over the first pin!
SO funny!

AND I just noticed that you're reading the help - that's my next in line book to read :)


Jessica said...

Wonderful pins! Have a great Wednesday!


SimplyHeather said...

Aw, I wish my gym offered zumba and yoga :( I organized my closet a couple days ago as well, got rid of so many clothes too! It feels so great to be organized.

Ashlyn said...

that wine quote is too funny! hahaha
i love yoga way too much! if only it wasn't so expensive.

Happy Wednesday
xoxo ashlyn

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