Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Faves

Hi lovelies...I'm so glad you stopped by!
{Favorite Polish}
Yes, I realize it is pretty spring-ish but the 60ish weather lately is making me crave spring.
This color is play date...what a fun name!
I thought it would be perfect for my birthday weekend/girls' trip to Nash-Vegas!
Today is the day!  Wish you could come Shelbs!
{Favorite blog}
Sweetness in Starlight 

{Favorite trend}
I'm obsessed, but haven't worked up the courage to break out with this trend yet.

{Favorite DIY}
{Favorite color combo}
Pink and Red
This cold have a tiny bit to do with my love for Valentines Day!  :)
Join some of my fave girls in this fun linkies.
Happy happy early birthday to me...
I mean Friday.
Tomorrow I will be 26...eeekkkkk!
I'll also be in Nashville will 3 of my favorite girls!
PS I think its a sign that I'm getting older when I first typed 27, then changed it to 26, then still second guessed myself.  Ahh...with age comes insanity.
By favorite blog, I mean favorite real-life friend blogger.


Jessica said...

Loving that nail color!
Have SO much fun on your trip :)
And of course,


Kerri said...

I found you through #FF! And I totally hear you about spring. I'm soooo tired of grey and snow and rain and all that stuff. I just want some flowers and sun! That nail polish is awesome! Now following!

Stephanie said...

That nail color is PERFECT for spring. I want it now!

& that glitter DIY project is to die for. You'll probably catch me blogging about it soon, because I MUST make it :)

Maura said...

Happy birthday!!! And im in love with that nail color! Hope you have an amazing weekend!

Raquel said...

That nail polish color is AMAZING! love it!! Reminds me so much of spring and summer

Alana Christine said...

Umm, I love ALL of this! The color blocking is adorable, but it's so daring...don't know if I'm brave enough...

Laura said...

Love that nailpolish! I'm craving Spring too!! Happy Friday!


shelby said...

yayyy!! my blog! thanks lover.

i soooo wish i was gonna be in nashville this weekend with you girls. :( March can't come soon enough! I MISS YOU! happy early birthday - call you tomorrow! MWAH!

Cori H. said...

I love that nail polish! So pretty!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday! As I get older, I keep forgetting how old I am, haha!

Ruby's Fairy Godmother said...

Happy Birthday!

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