Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fabulous Valentines Challenge: Best/Worst Date

Valentine’s Day Challenge
I am a little late considering this challenge started yesterday, but I am combining day 1 and 2.
Topic:  Best/Worst Date 
I've had lots of good dates and only a few bad dates, but here goes.
Best date
New Orleans-Christmas 2011
Celebration in the Oaks

Christmas lights, mixed with great company (Kent), mixed with rides!
This is definitely my kind of date!
The only thing that would have made it better would have been ice skating, but it was closed.

I wish that I had taken some good pics of Kent and I,
but it was kinda freezing and I was just trying to stay warm.

Worst Date
It was a blind date set up by my sister-in-law. 
We were meeting at California Pizza Kitchen for dinner.
I might have had a little shooter in the car before I went in because I was so super nervous and I thought it would help my nerves.
Instead, I was a laughing machine...I literally COULD NOT stop laughing.
This guy probably thought he the funniest human alive.
It wasn't a great match anyway, but I'm pretty sure my DRINK would have screwed things up anyways.
Note to self.
Hold the shooter next time.
I did get a free meal at one of my favorite places though.
That's a plus!

I've been on one other blind date and it was equally as bad.
I guess blind dating is not really my thing.

Join Neely, Amber, and Casey for another fabulous challenge.
Happy Tuesday lovelies!


Cait said...

haha omg i can't believe you had a shooter! that's pretty funny but hey the free meal is always ok ;) xo

Jenn said...

lol, this is a funny date story, and if it's the worst you've got, then I'd say you're doing ok! :)

Breanna Hohenstein said...

Haha you got to do what you gotta do :)

Casey said...

hahaha I love that you got a little tipsy pre-date.

Thanks for linking up with us!

Mandy said...

This is a pretty funny story.
Found you through the V-Day linkup and I'm following you.

Liv Kit said...

Great first date too cute! Awful worst.. but it is suppose to be bad!

Hollie Ann said...

hahahhaha your worst date isn't even that bad!!! i have waaaay too many stories! one including a guy who got HAMMEREDDDDDDDDDD...like the server cut him off. and people were staring. hilarious!!!

your great date is adorable lady!

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