Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Loves

It's Wednesday...the week is half way over and it feels like it just started.
Technically, I guess it did just start for me since I was off on Monday.
Wouldn't it be nice if every week was a 4 day week?
Anyways, I am linking up with Jamie for WILW and Michelle for Oh How Pinteresting...
these are 2 of my faves!

I'm absolutely ecstatic that Alabama won the BSC National Championship game Monday night!
I'm loving, even more, that it was a complete shutout.
We had a little get together at my friend, Heather's.
and had such a wonderful time watching this game with our fellow alums.
{Off day}
 I'm loving that my day off was very productive and started with a 2 hour hike, partially in the rain.
We are awesome like that!
{New Year, New You}
I'm loving how motivated I am lately...
I bought 3 groupons lately...
12 month online access to learn up to 32 different languages.
I'm thinking I will do good to learn Spanish, but the more the merrier. (Is that a word?)
I also bought this pedometer for $10.
I want to be able to count my steps and see how many calories I burn in a day. 
I also bought a groupon for $20 worth of organic groceries for $10.
I have been obsessing over eating organically lately.
By the way, I'm also loving MyFitnessPal and my new scale!
I have eaten so well the past couple of days and I'm pretty sure that I am building the foundation for the rest of my life...
I know that sounds corny, but I am so dedicated this time 
(unlike the millions of other times that I whine about being out of shape and eat healthy for about one day)
Please, leave me a comment if you are on MyFitnessPal so we can be friends!
I'm also loving this amazing giveaway!
Check it out.

OK, moving on...
Some pins that have really motivated me this week!

I love love love this!
During our hike on Monday, we were quoting this to motivate each other...
we were talking about how we wanted to be able to hike in our sports bras and feel skinny...
that is our goal for 2012!
How true is this...
Just for fun....
There are times that I have been so self-conscious about my freckles, but I have learned to embrace them.
I've always been told they are cute, so today I encourage you to embrace your freckles.
They are a part of YOU.

Happy happy Wednesday lovelies!


Jessica said...

Stopping by from the Pinterest link-up! Love all the things you pinned, especially those fitness quotes. Such good motivators! Stop by my blog if you get a chance--

Jessica said...

The hiking scenery looks gorgeous!

Cheryl E. said...

Good luck with your new healthy kick. I keep saying I am going to start doing better but its just so easy to not.

Great quote pins. My fav is the reality check one. Oh so, so true.


Chappell of Love said...

Good luck with the health kick, we are on one here too. Love the inspirational pins!

Kristen said...

Like many, I am also on a health kick. Let's hope we can keep it up! :)

KIMI said...

Loving the helathy habits! Maybe they will start rubbing off on me:) Also, love the last pin!

Carrie said...

Im on my fitness pal!

Rebecca said...

I love my freckles....such a cute last pin!

Meg {henninglove} said...

you will never regret a work-out! that is exactly right and exactly the way i felt this morning when i decided i needed to drag my butt out of bed and go for a run and you know what i was glad I did!

Courtney said...

I'm so jealous the weather is nice enough for you to go on a hike. We got 4 inches of snow today :(
Good luck on your fitness goals!

Cari_On said...

Its still just been a few days, but I have been on my diet longer than ever. I am also on MyFitnessPal, I have tried other websites like it, but they are usually a pain to use. I love myfitnesspal. As much as I would love to say that my reasons for losing weight are all noble, I'll admit, I want to wear a bikini for the first time EVER. So, that pin is really great, I LOVE IT. thanks for sharing. I blog about my weightloss at

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

You got some great Groupon deals!

shelby said...

totally bought the same pedometer today!! :) can't wait to get it.

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