Monday, January 23, 2012

Miscellany Monday

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{Craft Party}
Friday night was another successful craft party.
I'm loving my map frame that I did.  
I chose 12 places that I've been, I will make another when I have 12 new places to add.
I realized that I forgot about Indianapolis, Stanford CT, Myrtle Beach, and probably a few more so maybe I'll have 12 more to add sooner rather than later.

I def rocked a fishtail braid this weekend. I wore it to my niece's birthday party.
My nephew loved that it was called a fishtail. Haha
I'm always looking for easy fixes. 
My hair is soo long so somtimes I just need a break from straightening/curling.

{Brooklyn Bridge}
My sister and I started and finished this puzzle yesterday.
I can't wait to frame it.
It's even cooler to me since I've actually been there!

Unfortunately, I couldn't get this to upload right side up.
I wanted to share a pic of her at her birthday party.
She really is a precious little angel.
Love her!!

Little Colin also turned 6 months.  Happy 1/2 birthday boo!
These are his lover boy eyes.
Any time that I talk to him, he gets all bashful.
Cutest thing ever.

Happy mingling lovies!

Have a terrific Monday!


Jessica said...

ohh that braid is gorgeous!
I seriously can't wait for my hair to grow out so I can do things like this :)


Amanda said...

Oh my goodness! He totally has lover boy eyes. My hair is too short to rock the fishtail, unfortunately. Happy Monday!

Alana Christine said...

Love the braid!!
And that bow on the baby! lol

shelby said...

Colin = Eli's mini-me!!! He looks just like him more and more every day. How cute!

Chrissi said...

love so much about this post! where did you get the maps? did you print them or buy real ones? i wish i had long enough hair for the fishtail to look that pretty... i also love that tie '6 mos' for your son...haven't seen that one yet & it's adorable! thanks for sharing :)

carissa at lowercase letters said...

girl! that is a terrific fishtail! and the map craft? lovely!!! i'm wondering how in the world you have my very old miscellany monday button when it doesn't really even exist?! you are like magic. ; )

Maura said...

That is an awesome fishtail braid!! And I love that little baby bow what cuties both of them are!!

Joeylee said...

Love that braid I wish I could figure out how to do it.
I like your map frame, cute idea

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