Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Be healthy 101

Be healthy 101/Operation Everything

Well, I told you on Sunday that Monday was the day that I was buckling down on this operation lose weight/tone up/feel good in a bikini/eat better/see results/get to my goal weight thing and I meant it!
Somehow I woke up early yesterday and made it to 9AM Zumba (should've been much harder than it actually was) and then came home and did 30 day shred.  I've gotta be honest though, once the 30 day shred video started, I lost all of my energy...but I pushed through!  I did it and then I even took Coral for a walk around the neighborhood...I was so proud of myself.
And just for kicks, I also did this.
I also took a trip to the grocery store. 
For me personally, convenience is key when I'm trying to be healthy.
For example, I have to pack my gym back the night before because I cannot stand having to come home before I go work out.  And luckily, since I live my awesome sister and her hubby, and she always lets Coral our for me when she gets home.  Anyways back to the point...I need convenience....who doesn't?

I'm always running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but I am not satisfied with eating frozen lean cuisines for lunch every day, as convenient as they are. 
 I just don't think they are nutritious enough and honestly I don't love them. 
So as I did my grocery shopping yesterday, I thought about ways to make packing my lunches quick and easy.

Introducing the newest way to make my mornings go smoothly without having to skip out on packing a lunch, leaving me with lunchroom food.  :( 

I bought a big container of organic carrots that were already in serving size plastic bags!
I also splurged and bought the invidual packs of ranch dressing...yes, it's a bit more expensive, but when it makes the difference in me packing carrots in my lunch or not, it's so worth it. 
I also bought lots of fruit!!
And these cute little containers that are perfect for 1 serving size of anything.
If you are anything like me, portion control it key!
I am going to start packing these little containers every Sunday so that I am all ready to just throw them into my lunchbox. 
If you are wondering what else I will be packing...
More fruit...apples, oranges, and bananas
Bread...Sandwich thins are so yummy and only 100 calories
Boar's Head Turkey
Pita Chips/Baked Cheese Crackers
some of this deliciousness!
Yes, I know it looks disgusting but trust me...it's not!

Obviously, I won't be eating all of that in 1 day, but thats what I typically will be packing for my snacks and lunches for the week.

If today is any indication of how this week will be, then I'm feeling pretty good.
I'm feeling more inspired than ever and so motivated.
Hope you fellow teachers enjoyed your Monday off and I hope everyone has a fantastic Tuesday!



Candace said...

Totally love how you've packaged your lunches to be ready to go for the week. I am definitely going to have to do that! I've seen the containers at the dollar tree, so consider me a copycat!

I obviously need to hang out with you more often. You eat healthy, read good books, watch good movies, drink good drinks....the list goes on!

Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...

I wish I had your motivation to do that on Sundays. I pack my lunch everyday too, but it's hard to push myself to prep it all on Sunday because it's my low key day. Good luck with all of this!

Amanda said...

Yay for your motivation! You'll physically feel better once you're packing your body with all of these nutrients! And I love those smoothies. They taste really, really good!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

I LOVE the boathouse green drink! I drink some every morning when I'm taking my vitamins!

I'm the same way as you - I hate frozen meals and would rather pack my lunches for the week on Sunday night. I need to get some of those containers that you bought - they're so cute and will last a lot longer than my lame ziploc baggies!

Keep it up girl - you're an inspiration to meee :)


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