Thursday, August 18, 2011

Giving Summer the boot

I'm linking up with Neely for "It's Ok" Thursdays.

It's ok...

To live for Sonic's happy hour!!

To lay by the pool with a good book, even though I have more productive things to do.

To ignore furbabies whines in the middle of the night...and promise myself that if she isn't back to sleep in 5 minutes that I'll take her out.

To dream about fall constantly, knowing that it will also mean an end to summer.
I know I'll miss summer, but I am so ready for everything fall!!!

I'm also linking up with Jesslyn Amber for the Simple Things.

The Simple Things

The simple things I'm enjoying this week...

Chicken minis...mmm
Online window shopping. I even add stuff to my cart with no intent to purchase. Am I the only one?
These are currently in my Aldo cart, but I'm desperate for these so I may just have to click the check out button.


Happy Thursday lovies!!!
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Kathy S said...

I can't wait for fall!

Cole said...

I do the same thing you do. If they whine for more than 5 minutes in the middle of the night. Otherwise, I fake that I'm still asleep so they don't know they succeeding in their game of "wake mom up for no reason". :-)

Neely said...

I am sooooo ready for fall! Thanks for linking up!

Amber said...

Sonic happy hour is the best! I'm ready for fall too! Thanks for linking up :)

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