Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Weekly Blog Hop

This week, on TUESDAY, 7/7/09, the theme is A FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPH. Post up one of your favorite photographs and a caption that tells the audience about it.

Anyone who knows me should know that I could never just pick one picture. That would be crazy. So i settled for 3.

The first one is one of my very favorite pics of me and my love at the beach in July 2008.
The 2nd picture is from Christmas with my dad's side of the family.
December 2008
And the last picture is from Kelley's honor's day before he graduated.
April 2008
As if you couldn't tell, I love me some Kelley!! He is my other, sometimes better, half!!!

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Annie said...

one cute couple!!

Whitney said...

Thanks for your comment! I love you pictures!

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