Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I love my life...2 of 3

Yesterday was a good day. I spent the morning catching up on The Bachelorette...I was 3 episodes behind! I have to also add that I am soooo disappointed in her decision to let Michael go. He was awesome! I cannot stand Wes and I think she is making a huge mistake with him. Enough of that. Alli, Kim, and I had lunch and then decided to surprise Halle at the library with some flowers and balloon for her birthday. She loved them. We left the library and went to meet Courtney. Alli had a doctor's appointment at 3. Kim and I went shopping for Halle's birthday present before her birthday celebration and dinner.

Me on the way to Sweet and Sassy for Halle's birthday
Halle and her friend MaryAnna at Sweet and Sassy
The girls getting their nails done.
Carter and Cooper entertaining themselves.
Carter getting all hyped up on soda!
(rare occasion)
Halle Grace posing for the camera.

The girls posing on stage

I cannot believe she is 7!!!

Sumo Japanese Steakhouse for dinner.
Me and Kelley at dinner
Coop was a little bored until the chef came out.
Carter was putting away some mushroom soup...he loved it!
His eyes were locked on the chef...
...his too
Big boy using his chopsticks
They were all really good at using chopsticks.
Showing off her new earrings...Kim and I got them for her.
Carter was getting really lucky with all of his fortune cookies
Being silly

The evening was spent enjoying great food and great company. Halle had a lot of fun and we had fun celebrating. I love my family!!!

After dinner, Kelley came back to Kim's and we all hung out and watched Taking Lives.
It was really good, but kind of scary. I jumped out of my skin a few times.
Great day and great night!!

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