Thursday, July 09, 2009


Why is it that when one thing goes wrong....a trail of awful things follow!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know that I don't have much right to complain because there are lots of people worse off then me, but this day has been ridiculous.  Allow me to just let you guys in on how my day has gone....

Wake up at to a good start because normally I am barely even awake when I get in my car at 7:15 to get Alli.  So I wake up 45 min in advance to clean my room and actually make up my bed for once!  
Leave the house feeling good....clean room, made up bed, and money in the bank (i'll get back to this one)
Stop by McDonalds because I am keeping Alli at her house today and didn't know what they would have to eat....I get me an egg and cheese biscuit and Alli a hashbrown (her fave)
I get to Alli's and we do the following:
play I spy on the computer
take her 2 dogs out and play in the backyard
we both get dressed (we were both still in our pj's during all of this)  

Here is what needed to get done today
use my gift card to get a dress for Heather's engagement party this Saturday
take Alli to ride the carousel at the galleria, eat chinese rice for lunch, and get an ice cream cone (all promised by me this morning to get her to agree to go to the mall)
**remember Alli hates to shop, but all of those things that I promised were things that we could enjoy together!  (everybody wins)

Well I just happen to think that before we leave, that I should look at my checking account online.
Thank goodness I did that...because all the money I deposited yesterday that I was planning on spending was all went toward a negative balance that I had on my account!
So...I decide to call Eli (Kim's husband) who works at Regions.  I thought he might could help me figure out what caused the insufficient fund charges (besides the obvious--insufficient funds).  
Anyways that is my day so far!  

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RocketQueen said...

Sorry bout that girl.

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