Sunday, July 05, 2009

Independence Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July holiday!

I have quite a bit to post about tonight, starting from the beginning. My weekend got an early start because I was off Friday!! Always great news. Thursday, Kelley got off work early so he decided to come hang out with me and Alli. We didn't have much planned so we were just hanging out at Kim's. When Kelley arrived, he let me in on a little fact that he had been bitten by something, possibly a spider. The bite and the surrounding of the bite looked awful. So being the concerned girlfriend that I am, I loaded Alli up and we all headed to the doctor's office to get it checked out. The doc took care of it and back to Kim's we went.

Kelley was also off work Friday, so we decided to do some shopping. We had lots of fun spending time together on our off day.

Kelley in his new hat from J Crew

We decided to do some jammin' out in the car after our shopping.

Nice hair huh?

My newest addiction.

Help take action for Healthy kids

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Friday night, Kelley and I had plans to attend a cook-out at Kim and Eli's. Jackie and Justin, friends of ours, were coming in town from Tuscaloosa to hang out for the night. Jackie and Kim graduated from Alabama together.

The boys playing poker

Me and Kelley

We decided to segregate the boys and girls. Boys stayed home and we, girls, went to see a movie.

Kim, me, and Jackie

Kim and Jackie had both read My Sister's Keeper so we decided to go see it. I hadn't finished it, but heard that readers were a little disappointed with the movie. I decided to watch the movie first so that I wouldn't be as upset with the ending. The movie was great!!! So sad, but so good.
I still plan on reading the book when I finish the 4th Twilight book.

Images from the movie
I highly recommend seeing this movie, but be prepared by taking some tissue.

Saturday we woke up and got ready to head to my mom and step-dad's to hang out at the lake. Jackie and Justin went to Justin's parents and Kim, Eli, Kelley, and I went to the lovely Pell City. (A little sarcasm, but we still love the lake)

bein' Patriotic
excuse the bed head...headed to the lake remember?
The hat definitely came in handy!!
It even went with my outfit...the flag that is...not the colors.
Gettin' ready to ride out on the boat to watch the firework show at the Civic Center

on the boat
LK with her life jacket on
too cute not to post even though I cut half my face out
10 min boat ride to the show and we lost one.
LK sleeping
Carter and me...I got my whole face this time
All of the boat lights out on the water
Kelley, Eli, and Carter waiting for the fireworks
My mama
really cool star firework

My lovey!
Bekah and Halle
Lil Landen

face of the night...

I had such a wonderful weekend with some of the most important people in my life. I am so thankful for the things in my life.
Today, we got to sleep in a bit and then hang out around the house in Pell City. Around 3, Kim, Eli, Kelley, and I headed back to Helena. We had chicken spaghetti and caesar salad for dinner...mmm! SO good! Now we are watching Bride Wars...I have seen it before so I have been multitasking for a bit, but now I am going to focus all of my attention on the movie.
Happy Sunday!


Carrie said...

We watched BrideWars last night too! haha! I loved it.

Annie said...

sounds like a perfect weekend!
so many great pics! you are a cutie!

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