Monday, July 20, 2009

Very Long Update!

Thursday was mostly spent being lazy and hanging out with Alli at Kim's house. Jenn and Lk came over around 4 and we went for a walk around the neighborhood and cooked taco salad for dinner (one of my faves). Lk is getting so big and wants to walk everywhere, but she still holds on to things.
Friday I woke up early to go get Alli. When we got back, Jenn and I cooked biscuit and gravy....yum!! We took the kids for a short walk and then we headed to get Serina, a friend of Jenn's little girl.

LK in her big girl bow

Afterwards, we all headed to the zoo to meet Bekah, Halle, Carter, and Cooper.
We had such a fun day together.

Halle, Serina, and Alli

lookin' a little rough...i know!

Baby flamingos...I thought they were so cool

Some of the crew...
Halle, Serina, Lk, Jenn, Carter, and Alli

On the train

Within 2 min of leaving the zoo

I don't know if I have ever mentioned this before, but Stephen is in a band...
Heir to Apollo and Friday night the boy's had band practice to prepare for the wedding that they were playing for on Sunday. While the boys practices, the girl's played rock band. After their practice, we all played Apples to Apples and had so much fun!!

Saturday morning we woke up and got a little surprise. My brother, Scott, came over to get his patio furniture that Kim and Eli had borrowed so we got to see Carter. He is such a sweetie and was so cuddly. It made my day to get to start my day that way.

After Carter and Scott left, Kim, Eli, Kelley, and I all headed to the pool to meet Heather and Eric. We had so much fun in the water and getting to hang out.
Saturday night, the boys had band practice again so we all went back over to Eric's house. We all had plans of going to Tuscaloosa for the night, since the wedding was in Tuscaloosa on Sunday. Heather and I decided to leave the boys behind and head down early for T-town.

Getting ready to go meet up with some friends

Sunday, the boys woke up and went to set their band equipment up and Heather and I got ready for Japanese. We had planned the night before for everyone to go enjoy Hokkaido before the wedding. It is the best Japanese I have ever had.
Then we headed to the wedding.

The bride, Joanna, was so beautiful!

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Sessions

The centerpieces at the reception were fish bowls...
I loved them!
Not to mention I have three goldfish now...
Princess Bubblez, Penelope, and Modern Day Cowboy
(Can you guess which one Kelley named?)

Me and my love before they started playing

Girlfriend, Fiance, and Wife of three band members
I date the singer, Heather is engaged to the drummer, and Sara married the guitarist on July 27th.

Me and Heather with the beautiful bride!

I thought this little old man was adorable...
Kelley in 50 years!
They even match

Most of the of the guitarist moved to Washington D.C. so the guy in green took his place for the wedding.

From left to right
Ethan (guitarist), Todd (bassist), Eric (drummer), Kelley (singer), and Bronson (fill in guitarist for Bradford)

Very busy, but wonderful weekend!!

Today was spent at the Oak Mountain State Park...I promise to posts pics later!
I hope everyone had a great Monday!


mrosev14 said...

Hello, I randomly stumbled onto your blog. The picture of the baby flamingos are adorable. They are super cute!

The things on your right hand side...I just finished reading The Time Traveler's Wife, it was fantastic! I can't wait to see the Ugly Truth this coming weekend...The Proposal was also fantastic. Enjoy them. :)

Becky said...

That sounds like a very fun but busy weekend! I LOVE Hokkaido! That sounds so yummy right now....oh how I miss Tuscaloosa!

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