Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

My day started at 8 when I got up to go get Alli from tutoring. After I picked her up, we headed to Kim's so that I could shower and get ready to go to the movies. We had plans to meet Jenn at the Rave to see the free summer flick for the day.

Arriving at the movies

Jenn had LK, Blaine, and Serina with her so Alli and I met them there and watched Igor.
It was really cute.
After the movie, we got some lunch at Wendy's and headed to Alli's therapy. Serina, Blaine, and LK played while Alli had her therapy and then we all headed to see some animals...

Dori & Nemo

big turtle that was "running" loose

Alli and I left the Ed's Pet World around 2:15 to get back on our side of town in case Courtney (Alli's mom) called for me to meet her.

Since we had a little time to waste, I decided to run into the galleria and get my free panty from VS and the Pink store.

I also purchased this perfume from Victoria Secret...

I also got the lotion for only $5...
Next on the agenda was the Pink store.
I bought two really cute tees for only $25.

The free VS dog I got with my purchase at the Pink store
After I met Courtney, Jenn, me and the kids rode to my aunt's house to visit for a bit. She only lives one exit down from Kim and she always enjoys the company. We spent about an hour hanging out with her and then headed back to Kim's house. Jenn took Serina and Blaine home and then her and LK came back to spend the night.
I am always open to giving my bed up for LK.
She is the cutest thing....Goodnight!

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