Friday, July 10, 2009

Shopping and food...2 of my favorite things!

A couple of pics from yesterday...Alli and I on the carousel!

This morning....Alli wanted me to take a pic with her and her animals
(Sunflower, Meng-Meng, and Cookie)
Excuse the way I was 7:30 am

Alli Bird

Gettin' ready to go shopping

My new is very black

Doing her homework in the car... such a good lil student

Alli and I spent our day playing uno, eating, and shopping. Her mom got home around 3:30 and I headed to babysit baby Indira. She has gotten so big since the last time I kept her.
She was so happy and giggly. I just love her.

She was laughing at herself in the mirror.

I got off around 7:30 and headed to eat dinner with Kim, Eli, and Kelley at San Antonia Grill (mexican)
Kim and Eli at dinner

My love

Kelley made friends with the cute little old Chinese hostess and she gave us gifts.
Kim and I both got keychains
and the boys got necklaces...

Dinner was amazing and I couldn't believe we got surprises...the lady was so sweet.
Now I am really tired from uploading all of these pics so I am going to relax. I have a busy day tomorrow!

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