Monday, July 06, 2009

Happy Monday

What a day!?!?
Today, I got to sleep in since Alli had a doctor's appointment. It was nice getting to sleep a little later after my exhausting weekend. I left to get Alli around 10 and we came back and made some toast (my breakfast, Alli's snack). I did the normal morning checking of blogger, gmail, fox news, and facebook while Alli watched Spongebob. Afterwards, Kelley (he doesn't work on Monday's), Kim, and I decided to get out of the house for a bit.
If I had all the money in the world, I would shop at one of the following:

...but I don't, so we all settled for some thrifty shopping.
I ended up with 3 pair of jeans...
black pants (not pictured), and a yellow Nike skort all for less then $20.
Also since Alli was such a trooper while shopping (her least fave thing), I bought her three new books. She read all the way home.
Kim also bought like 5 pair of pants/shorts and Kelley bought a nice pair of shorts.
After we got home, it was time to take Alli home.
Kim and Kelley carpooled together to class so I get to spend another night with my love =)

Once they left, I decided to work out...something I had been planning to get back into starting today...unaware of the fact that I was supposed to start today!! UGH!
Despite the horrible cramping I had been suffering from all day, I decided to stick with the plan.
What else did I have to do at home alone...right?
A few years ago, I got really into a workout called Turbo I pulled it out and to my surprise completed all 40 minutes!!!!
I was so proud of myself.
After I finished the video, I decided to go for a walk. I even took Malik, who really walked me!
I jammed out to some Avril and walked all around Kim's neighborhood. It was so nice out!!
Unfortunately, I felt so good from my workout that I rewarded myself.
Eli got home from work while Malik and I were on our walk and had also been wanting The Depot for dinner.
The Depot is an amazing, little place in Helena that sells ballpark style food.
We rode out there just to find out that they were closed, so we settled for McDonalds.

So this is what I ate...What is it about wanting unhealthy food after working out?!?!
I'm gonna have to work on that!!
I hope you guys had a wonderful Monday!!!

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Annie said...

num! gotta love McD's! ;)
and at least you worked out!

RocketQueen said...

You forgot about my cool decor.

Annie said...

yes, push yourself through it! you gotta burn that mcdonalds, hehe!
btw, great deals you found yesterday!!

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