Thursday, July 09, 2009

MIA for the past few days!

So let's start where I left off.
Tuesday, Alli and I went to see Horton Hears a Who. It was really cute for those of you who haven't seen it yet.

On our way...stopped at a red light.
I thought I would take a pic of my new ring that I finally got to wear...
I know that it's big, but I'm obsessed!
Alli reading her new thrift-store books! She loves them!
After the movie, we grabbed Subway for lunch and then it was time for Alli's therapy.
After therapy, we headed back to Kim's.
I was unproductive and did not work out! UGH!
If it makes it any better...I was way too sore!

Wednesday, I woke up and headed to Pelham to hang out with Olivia and Brooks for the day.
I didn''t keep Alli today because she had an accident yesterday and had to get stitches...more on that later! :(
Olivia, Brooks, and I had a wonderful day...eating fruit, playing, and running outside!

Today I woke up and headed to Alli's. She wasn't feeling up to coming to Kim's so I kept her at her house. Here she is with her boo-boo's.
I just love her to death and it breaks my heart!
We were extremely lazy until around 12...then I was able to fix my checking account (refer to earlier post) and so we headed to the galleria for some lunch, a carousel ride, and some fun!!
After the mall, we headed back to Alli's and took her pups for a walk around her neighborhood.
Black and white- Hoolio
Grey and white-Snickers
The bottom right pic is Hoolio giving up on our walk
Alli kept referring to him as lazy bones

Well that is all for is 12:15 and I have to wake up in 6 hours!


Erin Elizabeth said...

i LOVE gently used books!!

amywelborn said...

Cute blog! Love that ring;)

Carrie said...

I hope Alli is feeling better. That makes me sad to look at her hurt self.

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