Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Loves

Happy Wednesday!!!!
Holy's the last day of school!!!!  Bring it on summer!!!!!!
I'm beyond ready!

I'm still playing mommy in my mini van!  I'm also super proud of my productivity this week.  Picking kids up from school,  playing either outside/mcdonalds play place for about 45 minutes, cooking dinner, getting them fed and bathed and reading with them/entertaining with no tv until 6 (when their dad gets home) and then still making it to the gym. 
Pretty impressive if I do say so myself.  Considering how well I know's the perfect circumstances for my excuses not to go to the gym to kick in.

I've got my office completely cleaned and ready for summer and progress reports completed.  So I'm happy to say that I'll be spending my last day with kiddos...carefree and enjoying their company for the last time.  :(. 
It's a bittersweet feeling.

I'm loving the skirt that I found for my sister at was only $6.99.
 And by found for my sister, I kind of mean found for me too! ;)

I love this sweet pic of my youngest niece and nephew....and today is the last day that they will be the youngest.  My little sister is being induced tomorrow with her little baby girl, Makenzie!
My family sure knows how to make some cute babies!!  Agreed?

As always, I'm loving Pinterest.

I'm going to a Hot Air Balloon Festival this weekend...I can't wait!!!
 I would never leave my room.
 I'm obsessed!!!!!
 Just because I'm currently living vicariously through these characters....

 I'm kind of loving her as Tris!! 
What do you guys think??

I hope you all have a fabulous hump day!!

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Meg Cady said...

Cute cute cuteeeee skirt!!! I am super jealous that your room is all cleaned out and ready... mines no where near done!

Your nieces are so stinking cute! I am sure yo are so stinkin pumped for a new one to love on!

Have a great rest of your week!!

Katie said...

happy last day of school!!! yeah!!! and i am impressed with all you got done - nice job!!

Arielle Hattan said...

Your niece and nephew are so cute!! I love your pinterest finds too!! Have a great day :)

Dana said...

$7 for that skirt!? It's too cute!

Loving pinterest as well - the bedroom pic is my favorite!

Big City Farm Girl

Melissa said...

I love that bedroom and the colors in that hot air balloon photo!

Beth said...

ummm hot air balloon festival?? that sounds like SO MUCH FUN!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

$7 ah-mazing.

Your "kids" are so cute in the bath, you're wonderwoman, I couldn't do it all I'm 100% sure of that.

Happy Wed lovely.


Kelsey said...

That room is gorgeous! I have to agree, I would spend all day everyday in that beautiful room :)

XO Kelsey

agalandherdog said...

Love that skirt and exposed brick walls are so cool for bedrooms . . . or any rooms!

smk053078 said...

Hooray for summer!!!! Loving that skirt and your sweet niece and nephew!!! Priceless picture!!

Sarah said...

Can I just have your closet? If it's anything as cute as these pins, then you must have the BEST clothes! Love your blog!

Raquel said...

I love that skirt! Great price too :)

bridget anne said...

congrats on more little ones joining the fam soon! xo.

Tiffany Miller said...

CUTE Skirt! I got one similar to that from goodwill a few weeks ago for $4, what a great buy!

Olga said...

I'm pretty sure I'm in love with Four!

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