Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's OK

It's ok....
that I had an interview yesterday.....I do not dress like this except for interviews and I had absolutely nothing to wear.  Luckily Kim helped me come up with this.
Nothing too fancy, but it got the job done.
and I have another interview next Wednesday!

 that I took the kids to the dam yesterday, but it was too hot to stay longer than 20 minutes.
(I'm a summer nanny...for those of you who don't know)
Next time, I'll go prepared with my bathing suit on too!
It's such a fun place to go!!
that even though I don't have a baby, I'm loving this little onsie.

that I have 3 different beach trips scheduled over the next month-ish!
 Can you ever really spend too much time at the beach?
that it's almost the weekend...and I have big plans!
Happy Thursday lovelies!
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Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

Congrats and good luck on the interviews!

Katie said...

how'd the interview go? congrats on getting another one too!

Meg Cady said...

Congrats on your interview!
I hope the next one goes just as well as the first!!


Beverly said...

you GO girl with your interviews!! Love the outfit too... saw the pic on Twitter yesterday :)

Wishing you nothing but POSITIVE vibes on your interviews!! Have confidence, and remember... you're interviewing them too!!


Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

EEEK SO glad that your interview went well :)
And I'm glad that you're enjoying your deserve it, girl!


Sarah said...

You can NEVER have too many beach days :)

Jamie said...

Love your outfit! I have two interview outfits haha So unless I interview at the same place, no one will every know, right? :)

<3 Jamie

Chelsea Marie said...

Found your blog from the Its OK link up. I am so jealous of your frequent beach outings. I live thousands of miles from a beach on the ocean! Jealous ;) Can't wait to follow along!


smk053078 said...

Way to go on going on another interview!!! You looked perfect for the first one! I am sure you knocked their socks off!! I am heading to the lake for a girls weekend tomorrow! Yahoo!!!

Amanda said...

I adore that onesie! Seriously, adore! I think I want that for when the time comes that I'm having babies :) And I'm jealous of the trip to the dam. That looks like my kind of afternoon! Happy FRIDAY!

Rebecca Phillips said...

I hope your interview went well!!!

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