Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Casting...if only it were up to us readers

I promise that I'm not a freak, but I did love the 50 Shades series!!!
Now it's count down time until the movie comes out.
Here are some of my pics for the leading roles...
Christian Grey
 Anastasia Steele

Elliott Grey

Mia Grey
 Mrs. Robinson

I finished the last book last night and I'm already having withdrawels.
I LOVED this series and I absolutely cannot wait for the movie.

Thoughts on who you would like to play the parts in the movie?

Happy Tuesday lovelies!!


Neely said...

I like Emma Stone but she wouldnt be believable as that big of a pushover hahaha

Amanda said...

Awesome picks! I think my only change would be to have Emmy Rossum as Anastasia :) Happy Tuesday!

smk053078 said...

Oh Lord, this book...I am trying to read the last one slow because I just don't want it to end. I think I just may shed a tear or two when I am finished. I think Ian Somerhalder would be a smokin' Christian Grey. I am still undecided on who should be crowned as Miss Steele. I wonder when the movie will come out...hopefully sooner than later!!
Laters, baby!


Shelby @ Sweetness in Starlight said...

I love Ian Somerhalder as Christian...but they would need to make him look younger. He is only supposed to be 27 and Ian looks about 37. Ha!

I also really like Minka Kelly for Ana.

I can't wait to finish book 3 today. Well, kind of. I want to know what happens, but I don't want it to end!!!! LY!

Swede Dreamer said...

Love this post! I just started book 2 yesterday. My pick would be Ian...hotness for sure. Not sure for Ana~have to give that one some thought. Thanks for stopping over to my blog the other day! Angie

Jamie said...


I like Ian's eyes but Arnie's hair is what I picture his looking like.

Elizabeth Olsen is what I think of Ana looking like :)

And of course, Bradley Cooper has to be Elliot!

I'm anxiously awaiting the movies!

<3 Jamie

Tabitha Mahoney said...

Yep you cast it perfectly. I think that Ashley Benso should be the bestie.


Bailey said...

I absolutely love this series. I was a little hesitant at first but I finished the first two books in 5 days. I am almost done with the third and can't wait for the movie! My vote is Ian for Christian hands down.

Rachel said...

I AM DYING over your suggestions. I loooooove them all. I think they should just hire you to be the casting director...you've got all the bases covered :)

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