Friday, May 11, 2012

High Five

Boy am I glad it's Friday! 
Saying that this week has been stressful is a HUGE understatement, but I think it's smoothe sailing from here.
Only 8 more days of school...that is so crazy to think about.
I'm looking forward to knocking out my reading list while getting a golden tan....oh yea, and of course working out and achieving my goal weight.  Ok, maybe I'm dreaming just a little, but I do plan on taking advantage of my relaxed summer schedule and hopefully working out a lot....and finding a job.  Almost forgot about the most important thing...FINDING a job!

Alrighty, well I think it's that time.  High Five it's Friday!
After the very crazy week, I came home to some awesome mail yesterday!
Always makes me happy.
Gossip Girl Birch Box, which I LOVED!!
 I can't wait to try out all of my new samples!!
I also received a late birthday present from my dad and stepmom....
I love books, we all know that, so this is the perfect gift for me.
Just in case you feel left hanging from the birthday card poem...
Your Birthday came, your birthday went...Here's the card I should've sent.
Thanks Dad, Leigh, and Skylar!

Maybe I do have a green thumb....
probably not though.

but my flowers that I planted are starting to sprout.
I seriously look forward to getting home every day to check these babies out and see if there's been any progress.  :)

The other day had Kindles on sale for $62.  I was devastated when mine got broken during my move from the Bahamas...I've been reading from the kindle app on my iphone since August.
It was time that I get a new one, but I really wanted to wait until I could splurge for the Kindle Fire.  When I saw this deal, I had to jump on it.
I'm so super stoked to get my new toy...even if it is the older model.

Some of the kindergarten teacher's, at my school, gathered recipes from all of their student's parents, including lots of recipes given by the teachers to make a cookbook for the students to give their mommy's for Mother's Day.  They compiled all of the classes together to make some cookbooks for each of us teachers.  I'm so excited!  I love cooking, but honestly don't feel like it after a long day.
I'm hoping this summer, I can go through this cookbook and try all of the recipes.
I'm up fot the challenge.

After school today, I'm headed to the lake to spend the weekend with my mom, stepdad, siblings, and nieces and nephews.  I'm ready for a day on the lake, boating it up, and catching some rays.
My mom's got some chocolate wine waiting to share with me tonight.

Ok, next up.
Nail Files
FliP FlOp FaNtAsY

Happy weekend lovelies!!!
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Katie said...

yeah! only 8 days to go! you can do it!! your weekend sounds wonderful!! ENJOY!!

Candace said...

A Kindle is a Kindle, girl! Wish I knew about the sale. I would love to get my MIL one for her retirement!

Enjoy the lake!

tara said...

gorgeous nails! hope you have a great weekend!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

WHAT! I've never even heard of that!
It's probably a good thing that I haven't I guess lol

Yay for Kindles! They're awesome!


Vicki said...

OMG I love/want/NEED(?) that polish color! Thanks for linking up!

Jessica @ O. Alouette said...

Loveee your nail color - so summery!!

Meg Cady said...

LOVE your nail color!
What is on your summer reading list!?

Im glad you got your kindle "back"
I am looking into giving in and getting one soon!

Happy 8 days left!
I have 14 UGH

Amanda said...

Ahhh I wish I had known that Kindles were on sale! I have been reading on Kindle on my ipohone too, which isn't terrible, but still a small screen...

Elizabeth Benfield said...

my birchbox was one of my high fives for friday too :)

Bringing the Beauty to You! said...

I havent gotten my Birchbox yet. Maybe tomorrow. Love that nail polish!

Neely said...

I loved this birch box!!!!

lauren | keys to anywhere said...

Ooh I like your birchbox better, mine wasn't that good! Have a great weekend!

Kati - Incorporating Color said...

I'm so jealous you got your Birchbox already... Mine's not due to arrive for four more days! :(

Alexis said...

I love the regular kindle for reading books and the fire for Internet, games, and such. Flip flop fantasy looks awesome.

Kate - Classy Living said...

LOOOOOVE your nails!
I must say though, I got the same Birchbox as you and I was a little disappointed. None of the products seemed to be relevant to me. I'll be interested to read everyone's blog recaps of theirs!

Laura said...

Such a pretty nail color!

Kimberlee said...

Flip Flop Fantasy is my favorite nail polish of all time!! And hooray for Birchbox :)

Shane said...

Thanks so much for linking up dear! Hope you had a fabulous weekend :) Gorgeous nails!

xo Shane

Amanda V said...

I LOVE Flip Flop Fantasy!! I just bought it and cannot get enough!!

Beverly said...

Got my first birchbox this past Friday, and ooberly excited!! Now I know what it feels like to come home to superb samples I don't even know about that I read all about on other blogs! WOOOOP!

Sarah E. said...

So funny that that Kindle is the "old one" - I have the one that is 2 generations before it! I want the one that you just ordered though because you can put more books on it and it has an even longer battery life!

I just got the Flip Flop Fantasy last week at Ulta - it's such a gorgeous, bright, fun summer color!! :)

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