Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

3 link ups today....can you hande it?
I usually wouldn't do so much in one post...I'm too OCD for that, but I love all 3 of these link ups and couldn't not do goes.

First up.
What I'm Loving Wednesday with Jamie at This Kind of Love

{Hunger Games Official Trailer}
OH MMM GEEE.  Can you say amazing?

If you haven't read this have to before this movie comes out!
If I had to choose between it and Twilight, I absolutely could not.
I know this might not entice everyone, but for those of you that love will love it.
And even if you don't love Twilight, you will love it!
This is a movie that you could drag your significant other to so read up.

 {Breaking Dawn-Part 1}
I LOVE that I have a girl's night planned for Friday night to see this movie!
The same group of us have seen the past 2...we didn't know what the big hype was about when the first one came out, but we were pretty quick to jump on the bandwagon.
I'm super pumped.
I'm loving that I finished my first official IEP.  I feel so accomplished.
Second up.
Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday with Michelle @ The Vintage Apple
Love this...ROLL TIDE!
 I am making these ASAP.  Candace...when is craft night?
I need to pound this into my head!!!

Third up.
Last, but definitely not least.

Manic Mother

Today's topic is I'm THANKful for my hometown.
I have lived in so many places around Alabama, but all I have to say is southern hospitality is a real thing.
I love Alabama and the south in general.
I did a post on my hometown, as in where I live now, here.
I hope my post wasn't too overwhelming today.
Happy Wednesday lovies!


Kristina said...

Those shoes are fantastic. Let us know how they turn out!!!

Amanda said...

3 link ups in one post!? Danggg girl. I think I need to make that A Keep On and Roll On poster for M's man cave... we're doing a sports theme down there and he lovessss 'bama!

Caroline said...

Alabama is great! I love driving through there. Thanks for linking up!

Jules said...

With the full Hunger Games trailer being released and Breaking Dawn coming out this weekend, it's been a good week entertainment-wise. I'm excited for all of it!

I'd love to visit Alabama someday!

Sam said...

I'm a born northerner, but man do I feel like I belong in the south! Can't wait to check it out one day!

Thanks for linking up! :)


Victoria said...

lots of link-ups :)

i am from the north but i have always dreamed of going South for a sweet and charming it seems! and yummy fried food lol

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh I am SO excited for The Hunger Games movie! The trailer looked amazing!!


Candace said...

Can't wait for Friday!!

Craft night, coming up!! I hope to squeeze one in before Christmas.

If you don't have plans for game watching Saturday, come over - we are buying it.

Sarah said...

I didn't think about making those shoes! What a cute idea!!

Holly said...

I love those shoes. They are amazing. I want to make some purple ones. :D

Kathy S said...

Yes, The Hunger Games trailer was amazing!!

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