Monday, November 28, 2011

Miscellany Monday

 Write ramdon and link up.
I attempted a new hair style this weekend.
I have always had  trouble getting my hair to hold curl, but it worked this weekend.
I look forward to being able to do more with my hair now.
Straight hair gets old and very boring!
(Sorry for the poor quality--taken with my iphone...I really need to invest in a new camera)
My little sister, who lives in NC, came to visit for Thanksgiving.
I absolutely loved spending time with her and always try to see her as much as possible when she is here.
I always love spending time with my family on this special day.
My day started at my dad and step mom's house...
Coral got to tag along for all of the festivities as well.
On the way to my dad's.
Coral is a hit with everyone and dad, of course, was letting her on the couch which I usually discourage.
I think she is too cute to say no to sometimes.
(again poor quality)
There are always lots of laughs...
my big brother showing off his P90X yoga moves.
and lots of quality family time.
From there I headed to my mom's to have dinner.
Unfortunately, I don't have any more pics on my phone from Thanksgiving, but I'll post some when my sister shares hers with me.

{Black Friday}
Black Friday was spent eating leftovers and being lazy (no shopping for this girl).
I took a nap with these 2 adorables.
We had quite the crowd for the game.
14 Bama fans
2 Auburn fans
and 1 Bama dog
Coral sporting her new AL jersey.
Coral and mommy

Me, my cousin Lexie, and my niece Blakely.
Of course, I'm so excited that Bama pulled through and brought us a win!!!

{Fabulous Holiday Challenge}

Today's topic is favorite gift you've ever been given.

I was so behind the times getting a laptop.
I had asked my parents for one when I was in college, but didn't really expect to get one bc I have such a big family.
I knew it was kind of an expensive gift to ask for, but I got it.
I was so excited!!

{Happy Mingling}

Happy Monday lovelies!!


Celia said...

lap tops are def a great gift!!

Kristine said...

What a cute puppy! :) I love that little face!! ♥

Sar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sar said...

Absolutely love your curly hair! Totally hot. And I'll let it go that you're a 'Bama fan. ;) Kidding!

Happy Monday Steph! Just stopping by for Mingle Monday!

-Sarah from [life of love]

Amanda said...

Your hair looks great curly!!!

Woooooo BAMA!

I want a puppy like Coral. Why is she so cute?!

Victoria said...

fun thanksgiving!!

surprise gifts from the parents are always fun (i have a large family too, so i know what you mean).

Maura said...

your hair looks so cute curly! and i love that you put coral in a jersey ADORABLE!

Candace said...

Love the wavy curls!

FYI - Colin got an invite to Add's birthday party this weekend, and I told Kim that your name was behind that too. :)

Amanda said...

Your hair looks great! I bought this big curling crimper recently and it curls my hair and holds all day! I have the same prob as you and was tired of my boring straight hair too! Awe I always love your photos of coral :) she seems like such a happy an fun pup!!

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