Monday, November 14, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Write random and link up with Carissa!

I got my hair did on Friday.
I wanted something dramatic so I got lots of red.
We were more subtle at first, but it wasn't dramatic enough for me so we tried again.
It now has like 4 different colors of red in it, but I love it.
It looks different in different lights, but I love the change.

I got a pedi this of my favorite things to do ever!!!
I love the new muppet collection by OPI.  I purchased two of them this weekend.
The one on the left is called Rainbow Connection.
I also bought Warm on Fozzie on the right.
Oh my's gorgeous!

I had the Rainbow Connection on this weekend over My Private Jet by OPI and it was fabulous.
So hard to get off because of all of the glitter, but so pretty on.

{Girl's Night}
I had lots of girl's nights this weekend!
Thursday night, Heather and I ate Mexican and then watched the entire season of New Girl.  We also painted our nails and drank some wine.
Perfect night!!
Saturday night, a bunch of us girls went to eat Mexican again and hung out.  
I seriously only got one pic.  Crazy I know.  I really have to get a new camera.
Of course its from the ole Iphone so its not great quality.

 Saturday night, I invited my niece LK to spend some quality time with me.
We had so much fun hanging out, eating pizza, watching movies, and cuddling.
She LOVES Coral and as you can see here, that love is reciprocated.

 We played lots of file folder games that I made during my internship.
She LOVED them.
 Pretty girl!

I also spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing this weekend.
I did lots of laundry and tried to pack up some summer stuff and organize my closet.
I have been feeling a little cluttered lately so it feels good to have my stuff in order.

{Happy Mingling}
Head over to visit Meg @ Megnificant Life to link up for Mingle Monday, one of my fave blog hops.

Happy Monday lovies!!


Neely said...

Cleaning and organizing is my project for next weekend!

Kathy S said...

I love that nail color, very pretty.

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Hair looks so pretty! Love the subtle tones. Always nice to do something different every now and then.
Pedicures tickle my feet so badly!
I love. Love. L.O.V.E. Mexican food!!!
You are so sweet to have your niece over. She's adorable and looks like she and Coral are best friends. :) need more pics of Coral around here...not just girls nights. Haha! I want to see that puppy! :)
...AND you can come clean and organize over here when you're done. There may or may not be a Starbucks gift card in it for you. Haha.

Maura said...

your hair looks great!! and i love the Muppets OPI collection too. great choices!!

carissa said...

your hair looks so perdy! after 18 months i finally got a haircut on friday, too. : ) i love how it makes you feel - all refreshed!

Sarah said...

Mexican and New Girl reruns. We could definitely be friends!! :)

Claire Kiefer said...

Yum--Mexican food!!
Your hair looks so shiny. And I looooove that bronze glittery color! But you're right: glitter is SO HARD to get off.
Here from Mingle Monday!

Amanda said...

Love the hair!!!!! I had no idea what you were going to do that was dramatic :) glad you had a good weekend! And the picture of Coral and your Neice is precious!

Jen said...

Love the muppet OPI collection. I love Woka Woka - super cute!

I've been told if you put a base coat down, that glitter comes off easier. I also got a bottle of pure acetone, and that does the trick!

Following from mingle monday!


lori said...

i am obsessed with glitter polishes... love all of those colors! gorgeous.

a girls night sounds fun right now! and your niece is presh!

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