Monday, November 07, 2011

Happy Monday

Write random and link up.
{Pinterest Find}
I LOVE this look that I found on Pinterest.
I actually tried it out this weekend and I loved it...
Can't wait to do it more.
 {BFF Reunion}
Here I am with 2 of my best friends/college roommates in front of our college home.
I miss that house so much.
Football Season 2010
 Football Season 2011
Heather went from long black to short blonde and Shelbs went red.
I look the same....a new look for me is in the works and I'm so excited.
I love Tuscaloosa and I love game day.
My other long lost bff, Melissa.
She was basically our 4th roommate.
Growing up is hard and unfortunately we are all so busy that we aren't able to get together as much as we would like.  We are working on it.
I'm loving the Bama color that I painted my nails this weekend.
I'm so obsessed and I actually just signed up for a Polish Swap.
So fun!
 {Bama Margarita}
Enough said.
 {Happy Birthday Landen}
We celebrated my nephew's 3rd birthday yesterday at Chuck E. Cheese's.
I'm pretty sure the adults had just as much fun as the kiddos.
I'll post pictures once I am able to steal some from my sis.
She has the nice camera so she is always the one in charge of pictures.
 This is the best game ever!!

 {Happy Mingling}

Happy Monday lovies.


Caitlin C. said...

mmm that Bama margarita looks DELISH! I'm a sucker for margaritas, though! I love the boot socks look, sounds like you all had a fab weekend :)

Summer said...

omg I love that look and I am so addicted to pinterest it's not funny lol! imma gonna have to snag that look lol! Chucky Cheese eeeek is fun but so hectic happy birthday to your nephew that drink looks yummy
Can't wait to read more

Amanda said...

What's this new look that is in the works for you?! I'm curious...Are you going blonde!? And I love your nails...I need to paint mine. I haven't painted them in weeks.

Amanda said...

Love the boot socks and the marg! Awe kids parties are always fun!

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