Thursday, June 04, 2009

Loving Life

Today was a wonderful day! I woke up around 8 and immediately turned on Golden Girls. Yes, I go to bed watching it and wake up watching it. 4 episodes come on between 8 and 10. So needless to say, I stayed in bed until about 10!! I guess I am taking advantage my last week of unemployment. Finally at 10 I got up and started getting dressed for the library. My sister in law, Rebekah, and I had planned on taking the kids (Halle, Carter, and Cooper) to the library for a magician at 11 and crafts at 2. The magician was lots of fun and even I thoroughly enjoyed it. After the magician finished at 12, Bekah and I took the kids and had lunch at Habinaros (Mexican is one of my other addictions). We then returned to the library at 2 to make monkey magnets. They turned out really cute.

I left the library and went to Kim's (my sister whose house I am living at this summer). I was really exhausted for some reason. I guess the library wore me out. I pulled out my computer and turned on Golden Girls. It comes on in the evenings too. I mostly just had it as background noise as I read blog updates and checked my email.

Nothing too excited happened until Eli, Kim's husband, got home and they treated me to dinner at The Depot in Helena. It is a nice little place that has hamburgers, hotdogs, corndogs, and french fries. I guess you could call it ballpark food. I grew up at the ballpark so I am a big fan of this kind of stuff. It was so good and we just got back home and are about to watch Seven Pounds. I will let everyone know how it is. I have heard nothing but good things although it is going to be sad.

These are pictures of Halle, Carter, Cooper, and Londyn Kate from the zoo on Monday. I finally got them uploaded.
This is Halle and Carter after they spent literally 2 seconds in the water part of the zoo. They were freezing.

The llama was getting a haircut. I thought it was so cute!

Lk and Carter loving each other!

Lk and Cooper chillin'

Halle and Carter being a lion.

Halle and Carter playing in the water.

Halle and Carter right when we got in the zoo.

Cooper smiling at the macaws.

Halle and Carter again.

Cooper and LK watching the macaws.
Well that is it for tonight! I hope you guys had a great day! Thanks for checkin' in.

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Annie said...

You certainly love your Golden Girls! lol! Too cute ;)

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