Thursday, June 11, 2009

Busy Busy

So today was a pretty busy day.
At 7:30, I picked Alli up and we began our day.
We started off at unhealthy I know, but one of my indulgences.
We went back to Kim's to eat and check on Kelley before we headed to Pelham for the day.
We left Kim's around 8:15 to go babysit Olivia and Brooks.
I know I have already told you guys this, but their neighborhood is amazing. If it wasn't so far away from everything, I would love to live there one day.

Olivia kinda smiling for the camera.

Olivia and Brooks playing.
Alli smiling big...she had so much fun playing with Olivia and Brooks.

The girls getting ready for a nap (actually just Olivia), but Alli was keeping her company.

Pic uploaded sideways for some reason, but the three of us girls cuddling.

She's the sweetest.
The two girls being so sweet. They really got along so well.

Brooks being dangerous...he keeps me on my feet.

Me and Brooks...he is the cutest thing.

Olivia got really close to the camera.

We had a great day filled with snacking, play-dou, coloring, napping (not me of course), and playing.

Alli and I left Pelham around 2 and went straight to her swim lessons in Hoover. She is so funny because she asks me constantly how long it is until her swim lessons. She really enjoys them. Today when she asked me what time it was, I said 2 and she said oh no we are better hurry, we are gonna be late. Of course we weren't, but she really stresses out about being late.

After I dropped Alli off, I went by and rented Mall Cop. It started out really funny, but by the middle, I had lost interest. I guess I was excited about reading blogs tonight.


So now on to yesterday's post...

I picked Alli up at 7:30 and we came back to Kim's to get Kelley loaded up to take him to St. Vincents for his appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.

Alli in the car reading her library books. She really really loves Dora.

After Kelley's appointment, we hung out at Kelley's condo and let him get some clean clothes together to bring to Kim's house with him. After we left his place, we stopped by the Galleria for some Farmer's Basket (veggies). It is one of my favorite places ever...notice the pattern of my favorite places (most of them are eateries). I really do love to eat. After we had lunch, we went to a few stores to waste some time before Alli's swimming lessons at 3. We went to Accessory City...another one of my favorite places, fortunately this place doesn't have food. It is still bad cause they always take my money.
I bought a really cute ring. I will try to remember to post a pic of it tomorrow.

Kelley and I after our long day.

Laughing hysterically at something...then realized my camera was zoomed in.

Last night after our long day, we ordered pizza and rented Taken.
Yes, I really like to rent and watch movies.
It was a great movie and I would definitely recommend it.

I think that's it for now...tomorrow is Friday!!!
In 2 days, my good friend Carrie is getting married...wahoo!!
Wishing everyone a happy Friday!

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