Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Playing catch up

I have lots to post about the past couple of days....I will start with Sunday.
Sunday was a wonderful day spent relaxing and hanging out with family.
Jenn, Kelley, me, and LK woke up and I believe stayed in pj's until about 4. We watched Seven during Lk's nap (I know it is an old movie, but I had never seen it).
Around 3ish, Scott (my brother), Bekah (sis-in-law), my niece Halle, and my nephews Cooper and Carter all came to Kim's to hang out (keep in mind Kim and Eli are missing out on the fun that was going on at their own house). They were still in Decatur from Carrie's wedding. Carrie is Eli's sister.
Once Scott, Bekah, and the kids arrived, we all just hung out and played inside because it was really bad weather. Here are some pics from the day.

Coop-dawg playing

Halle being Halle

Carter and his cute little self

Halle REALLY being Halle...she lives for dressing up in mine and Kim's clothes.
(my dress and shoes, Kim's veil)

Cooper, Halle, and LK watching Eli making funny faces
(later on in the day after Kim and Eli made it home)

close up

Coop rolling a ball with Eli and Carter

Everyone had so much fun. So much fun that Halle and Carter didn't want to leave so they got to spend the night at Kim's along with me, Kelley, Jenn, LK, and Kim and Eli. Full house!
Cooper went home with mommy and daddy and got some one on one time, which I am sure he enjoyed, Bekah got to finish some much needed schoolwork, and the rest of us had the pleasure of spending more time with Halle and Carter. Just to give you an idea of where we all slept...here goes. Jenn and LK in the guest bedroom where I usually sleep, Kelley on the couch, me, Halle, and Carter on the blow-up mattress, and Kim and Eli in their bed. We bathed the kids and watched The Pacifier...big hit with Halle and Carter.
Here are some pics right before bed time.

Sunday was a wonderful day.

Now on to Monday...
I woke up around 7 and went to get Alli. We got back to Kim's around 8, but everyone was still sleeping. I turned on some cartoons for Alli since Kelley, Halle, and Carter were all sleeping in the living room. Not long after turning on cartoons, I heard sweet LK in the bedroom. I went in to see her and Jenn decided she would get up and cook biscuits and gravy for everyone.
Slowly, but surely everyone started waking up (I think the smell of the delicious food might have had something to do with it). We all had breakfast and started getting ready for our fun day.
Halle and Kelley were big helps with keeping LK occupied.
Bottle time...

Bottle time...

and more bottle time!

Yes, it takes a while to get out of the house when there are 5 small children running around.

The girls finally resorted to reading.
(I really shouldn't say resorted because they both love to read)

Both girls were reading out loud in the same room...very funny!

After hours of getting ready, we decided it was too hot for the zoo and settled for Chick-fil-A. Grown ups could have a nice, healthy lunch, and the kids could play.
LK sleeping on the way.
We all had a nice lunch and even enjoyed some yummy ice cream cones and then played with the kids in the play place. I promise we were there for like 2 hours.
Here are pics from Chick-Fil-A.

We all had a great day. Unfortunately, we all had to leave and go our separate ways. Jenn and LK went to their home(LK needed to finish the nap she started on the way to Chick-Fil-A), Bekah, Halle, Carter, and Cooper went to their home, and Kim, Kelley, Alli, and me went to Kim's home.
Courtney, Alli's mom, met me at Kim's to get Alli and Kim and Kelley had to get ready for class.
Kim is taking classes this summer to get her masters degree and Kelley is in law school in Birmingham. Luckily they both had class, and got to carpool downtown.
Eli had a work softball game so I spent the night relaxing alone.
I took a nice, long bubble bath and had a few glasses of wine(Relax-it's my favorite)!

Kim and Kelley picked up Taco Bell for dinner on their way home and we all sat down and watched He's Just Not that Into You. Unfortunately, I was too tired and fell asleep during the movie! That was basically the end to a very long, exciting day!

I still have lots to post about today, but will continue with a new post soon....stay tuned!

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