Sunday, June 28, 2009

So I have quite a bit to blog about tonight!  I have had a really busy week/weekend.  As most of you know, I was at the beach last week for some family fun.  It was a great time.  The weather was wonderful…zero rainy days!  We spent every day out on the beach and at the pool….from 9 to 5.  We went through lots of sunscreen.  It was like 100 degrees every day.  I did lots of reading and finished book 3 of the Twilight Saga, Eclipse, and half of book 4, Breaking Dawn.  It’s at a very intense part of the book and I can’t wait to finish it this week.  All 30 of us made it to a nice dinner on Wednesday night.  We went to Hammerhead Fred’s, which was so good.  Thursday morning, we woke up early and headed to Shipwreck Island, a water park that my family has visited every year since I was like 2.  It was lots of fun, especially since there were so many babies on our vacation this year. 

My vacation ended a day earlier than expected because I had a friend’s wedding to attend on Saturday.  Friday, Kim, Eli, and I left around 10 for our trip back to Birmingham.  They were already planning on leaving Friday because Kim had class Friday night so I decided to just ride back with them.  Friday night, a bunch of us decided to go out on the town.  Kim, Eli, Heather, Eric, Body, Kelley, and I decided to go to Twist and Shout in five points.  It is a fun little piano bar.  We had a fun night just hanging out.  I wish I had pictures, but my camera battery died and I left my charger at home. 

Saturday morning, Kelley and I had to go pick up our friend, Bradford, from the airport.  He flew in from Virginia for the wedding.  Kelley, Bradford and I decided to ride to the wedding with Heather and Eric so they picked us up around 3:30 and we headed to Gadsden.  The wedding was beautiful.  It was at the Silver Lakes Golf Course and it was the first outside wedding I had ever attended.  It was a little hot, but it was so awesome.  The reception was at the country club and Ethan’s parents had an after party at their house in the Silver Lakes Subdivision.  All the attendees of the party stayed the night so needless to say there was a house-full.  We had lots of fun celebrating the newlyweds. 

So today, we woke up around noon and headed back to Birmingham.  On the drive back, we all had the bright idea to go see a movie before going to the comedy club tonight for a friend’s birthday.  Going on only a few hours of sleep, we decided to go see The Hangover at 5 in Hoover.  It was hilarious for those of you who haven’t seen it.  After the movie, we headed down the street for Zach’s birthday celebration at the comedy club.  It was a busy, but fun day.  I am happy to be sleeping in my own bed tonight.  Goodnight!

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RocketQueen said...

it was actually more stressful than that, but it was a good weekend.

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