Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So now on to today's post...
I woke up around 8 and went to get Alli. We picked McDonalds up for breakfast...very bad habbit!! After breakfast, we got our swimsuit on and got all of our pool stuff together. Kim and I have a friend who lives in McCalla who has a nice neighborhood pool so we decided to go hang out with her, her daughter Addison, and her step-daughter Maggy. We got there around 10:15 and hung out in the scorching hot sun until 12. Alli had her OT therapy at 12:30, so Alli and I headed out for that around 12 and then got back to Candace's around 1:30. We had corndogs for lunch and then went back out to the pool for a little while. It was so nice outside, but very hot.
Here are some pics of Alli showing me what she learned at her swimming lessons.

Little Miss Addison

We hung out until 3 and then Alli and I had to go meet Courtney(All's mom). Afterwards, I headed to Kim's to relax for a bit before Kelley and I had to go to his condo downtown.
Me stuck in traffic
I definitely got some sun

Kelley and I hung out at Kim and Eli's until around 4:30 and then left for his place.
Once we got to his place, he had to change and head to class (it started at 6:30).
While Kelley was in class, I went to Walmart and Old Navy to get a few things. I am leaving for the beach Saturday so I needed to get a new bathing suit.
I got a really cute one from Walmart that I will try to upload pictures of later.
The rest of my night was spent relaxing. Kelley got home from class around 9 and we headed back to Kim and Eli's house.

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