Monday, June 08, 2009

Picture Post

These are pictures from last Thursday when i babysat Halle, Carter, and Cooper. Carter and Cooper cuddled up and took a nap on me while Halle entertained me. It was great fun.

Here is Halle's idea of entertainment...posing for pictures. She is definately an Austin.

Me with 2 precious sleeping boys. Coop just crawled up and fell asleep like this.

I had a very eventful weekend. Friday I had to babysit baby Indira....yes i have been spelling and pronouncing her name wrong this whole time. It is in-dear-a. After babysitting, Stephen and I went to Helena to stay at my sister's house. Stephen, Eli, and I went to dinner at the Depot and it was amazing. (one of my new faves) Saturday morning, I got started early by going to babysit Indira from 9-1. She smiled at me and I caught it on my camera.
Here is a pic of me and Indira.

Here is a pic of a fountain in Indira's back yard. I absolutely love it.

Indira smiling

I finished babysitting at 1 and headed to Lake's birthday party in Moody. He is my cousin and he turned 9. He had a fun pool party and here are a few pics.
My cousins Kori and Lexi.
Lex wasn't able to swim because she busted her chin open last week and had to get 6 stitches. Poor thing.

The birthday boy.

Blaine, my little sis, and LK in the pool.
LK being her fun self.

At 4, I headed to babysit again in Pelham. I babysat Olivia, 3, and Brookes, 11 mo.
Here they are. Precious!

Here is Olivia watching Finding Nemo with her high heels and hat on.
Their huge great dane, Zinn.

Mine and Olivia's feet. She wanted me to take a pic of our feet.

Sunday, I had to go babysit Indira from 1-5. As soon as i got finished babysitting, I ran to Target for a few items. I am addicted to Nivea products. Just had to add that in. While shopping in Target, I got a phone call from Stephen saying that he was at the ER. He hurt himself playing flag football. One of my dearest friends, Heather, was at the game because her fiance also plays, so she was able to take him to Brookwood. Immediately I checked out and went up there. Turns out he broke his collarbone.
Here he is at the ER. He was in lots of pain.

It is hard to tell, but his collarbone was poking out and swolen.

Needless to say, he won't be able to work for the next few weeks so along with starting my nanny job this week, I will also be taking care of Stephen. I am kind of excited that he has to depend on me for everything. It feels good to be there for him.

Today I went and got Alli and Ryan. I had planned to take them to the pool today, but decided to stay at Kim's. They like playing with Kim's dog, Malik.
Here are Alli and Ryan playing games on my computer.

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That is it for now....I'll update again later.


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