Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wedding Bells

Saturday was a very long day. Luckily I got to sleep in until about 9. I woke up to sweet LK smiling and giggling. She is so sweet.
Jenn ran to get Kelley's prescription from Walgreens and some breakfast from McDonalds, so I decided to give LK a bath. She loved it and cried when she got out.
After breakfast, we started getting ready for Carrie's wedding. It wasn't until 2, but it was 2 hours away. We left around 12 and got stuck in pouring down rain for about the first 30 minutes.
Once we got to Gardendale, it cleared up and was beautiful outside.

LK sleeping in the car.

Kelley riding in the back seat with LK.

Lk during the ceremony...thank goodness it was short because she wasn't interested in sitting still
The beautiful bride with her daddy.

Me, Kim, and Jenn (my sisters) after the ceremony.

Me and my love

MIss Addison and Kimi

Addison blushing...she is so precious.

Me and my love after the ceremony.

Lk's new thing....blowing kisses

Kelley during the ceremony.

Miss Addison getting her beauty sleep.

Wedding Reception

Slow dance

LK loved being on the dance floor.

Payin' my dues for a dance with the bride.

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