Monday, June 08, 2009

Dinner and a movie

Here is an update on the rest of my day.
Here is Kelley being in lots of pain.
Here is Alli chillin' watching Saved by the Bell.
Around lunch time, Bekah, Carter, and Cooper came by to hang out during Halle's play date. We had lunch and let the kids play for a little while. Ryan and Carter are 3 days apart and are fun to watch. Alli loved playing with Cooper. She is so funny.
Cooper turning the direct tv off. He thought it was the funniest thing ever!!
Coop laughing at the black screen that he caused.
Carter blocking the tv from Cooper.
Carter and Ryan playing together.

At 3, I dropped Alli off at her swimming lessons and took Ryan to the park around the corned until his began at 3:30. We played for a little while and even had pretend ice cream (wish it would have been the real thing). Courtney, Alli and Ryan's mom, met me at the park and took Ryan to his lesson.

I decided to go get a movie from the $1 rental box (my favorite because I am obsessed with watching movies). I also decided to get stuff to cook dinner. I got back to Kim's around 5 and began marinating the chicken breasts in italian dressing...mmm! I cleaned up and then sat down to relax with Stephen, who was feeling a little better after having ice on his "break" most of the day.

Around 6, I began cooking and watched the first half of last week's episode of The Bachelorette. It is amazing for those of you who don't watch it. I have a select few who are my absolute favorites...Michael, Jake, and Robby. My not so favorites are JUAN, Wes, and David. I am sad to admit that I don't like David anymore because he was one of my favorites at the beginning. He just has too much built up anger in my opinion.

I didn't get to finish the whole episode because around 6:40 I had to start the rice and green beans. I don't cook often because of lack of time, but I really enjoy it when I get the chance. Dinner was amazing and was followed by an amazing movie. Stephen and I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin was excellant. I cried of course, but I am beginning to think that I can't watch anything without crying.

Now I am watching Golden Girls and getting ready for bed. I have a busy day tomorrow.


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