Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Seven

I kind of stole this fancy little icon from Jesslyn Amber...hope she doesn't mind.
I wish this was a link up.
Nissan Murano!!

 I am currently without a camera because mine died while I was at the beach.
I am done with my little camera's that last a year. 
I want the real thing this time.
I want these adorable boots from ALDO.

I have a mac, but it sort of crashed with I tried to do the new update...I just want it to work again.
Is that too much to ask?
 I lost my kindle during my move back to Bama, found it yesterday in a secret pocked in my suitcase, but it doesn't work.
Sad day.  I want and NEED a new one desperately.
 I want a Michael Kors watch!
Not sure which one.  I love the gold, gray, and pink gold ones.
Decisions, decisions!!
 Happy Saturday lovies...
Lazy day with video games and relaxing
Watching Horrible Bosses
and then off to babysit and going to Boo at the Zoo tonight.
Have a lovely day!

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