Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's OK

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It's ok....

To be super excited about abc family's 13 nights of halloween.
They play some of my favorites...
Hocus Pocus
and some new ones that I haven't seen.

It's also ok that I wish they were playing Disney Channel's Halloweentown...this was one of my favorite Halloween movies growing up.

It's ok...

That I don't have a costume for this year and that I'm not even sure what my plans are for Halloween.
That I have been eating lots of is my favorite fall candy.
That I plan on buying Coral a doggie costume.
That I might go to Boo at the Zoo with no children this year...i'm not scared to admit that I love it and that I don't need to take kids in order to have a good time.

Happy Thursday lovies!!



Kristina said...

I CAN NOT WAIT FOR 13 Nights of Halloween! I was bummed when I realized it wasn't all month. I LOVE HOCUS POCUS! Halloweentown was on another channel this past weekend. Love that too

Amanda said...

I love 13 Nights of Halloween! Hocus Pocus is one of my all-time favs!!!! And I would go to boo at the zoo with you :)

Cole said...

I don't have plans for Halloween yet either. But I do have costumes for my pups!

Maggie said...

Love love love Hocus Pocus, you're not the only one girlfriend!

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