Monday, October 17, 2011

Dear Monday

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I stole this from my bloggie friend, Adrian. I hope she doesn't mind. :)

My friend, Candace, hosted a craft party Friday night.
Girls+Crafts+Pizza+Music+refreshments=A GREAT NIGHT!
My sister, Kim, who I live with made this...

I made this necklace and a matching bracelet out of washers...
and Beth made this cute wreath...
all thanks to Pinterest.
There were more crafts, but I forgot to get pics of everything.
Our craft party was such a success and there will be more!!

{Carter's Birthday}
Me and Kim in our matching washer necklaces. Yes, we look like twinkies in our Bama attire.
We had a family get together on Saturday to celebrate my nephew, Carter's, 6th birthday.
Mom and sweet little Blakely...Aka Tater Bug
My dad and Colin Ollie watching Alabama football.
The birthday boy, in the middle, with 2 of his friends.
My Tater Bug

We enjoyed all of our craftiness on Friday so much, that we made another trip to Hobby Lobby and got stuff to make tutu's for my nieces, more washer jewelry, and more pumpkin wreaths for family.
The tutu in the works...
(These were for my nieces photography session....once we get the disk, I will share.)
Making pumpkin wreaths...

Loving on Colin...we were happy for another win.
{Sunday Funday}
We had a very productive morning cleaning and grocery shopping.
Carrie, Cade, and Eli's parents came to visit and see sweet Colin.

Cade and I made of us during the process are coming soon.
Here was the finished product.

Carrie and I went on a nial polish run to Walgreens.
6 bottles later, I came home and finally tried this...

I found this on Pinterest a while back and I love the way it turned out.

Tonight, my mom and step dad came over to eat dinner with me, Kim, and Eli and to get some baby cuddles from Colin.
We took a little trip down memory lane...teasing my mom about what she used to make us wear as kids...We love her for it.

{Happy Mingling}

Mingle 240

Happy Monday!!!



Syndal said...

ooh a craft party sounds like so much fun! what a great idea!

found you on mingle monday!

bethani said...

found you over at mingle monday.

love the "my day" letter you shared. what a better way to view mondays than before.

Camylla Leonardi said...

I love the monday note. It made me look at it a little differently! and looks like you had a great time!!

Happy Monday,

Katie said...

I love those necklaces! So cute!!

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Craft party sounds fun! Can't wait to pics of the girls in tutus! :) Cute!

And yes, you looked like twinkies. ;) Cute twinkies.

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Note to self: when proofing comment, actually proof.

That should read: Can't wait to SEE pics...

...naturally. ;)

Ha! I hate typos. Can you tell?

Neely said...

I must have that wreath! It is amazing! So girlie and so fun!

Did you update your reader/dashboard with my new domain????

carissa said...

now that is a cute necklace! how creative are you!

Amanda said...

Love that first quote about Mondays. And I love your crafts. Too bad you live so far and we can't craft together. I think I need someone else to motivate me to craft.

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