Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

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I can't believe Halloween is here.  
I love fall for so many reasons, but the holidays and all the festivities that go along with the holidays make it such an amazing season.
I had such a nice, relaxing weekend full of Halloween fun.
Happy Halloween from Coral.

{Video Games}
Relaxing weekends for me usually involve video games.
I LOVE old school nintendo games.
Mario Brothers, Super Mario World, and Donkey Kong are my absolute faves.
All of Friday night and a good bit of Saturday and Sunday was spent playing video games.

Saturday night I babysat sweet little Indira.
I was her nanny from the time she was born until she was 18 months old.
I quit when I moved to New York, but I always visited her when I was home and now I babysit her on occasion. 
 I LOVE this child.

I tried to stick to Halloween movies this weekend, but did watch Horrible Bosses.
 I also watched Rob Zombie's Halloween.
I usually stick to the super PG Coraline type movies, but I usually try to watch at least 1 really scary movie around Halloween.
 I was outnumber by 2 guys so I had to suck it up.  It was actually pretty good.
And back to the PG movies, I watched Hocus Pocus last night.
One of my faves.

{Trick or Treat}
Tonight, I am going trick or treating with my sweet nieces.  They are going dressed as little ballerinas.
Coral is actually going to fit in pretty well with her ballerina outfit.
Can't wait to share pictures tomorrow.
This was taken with a phone so it isn't very good quality.  I will be sure to get some better ones tonight.

{Happy Mingling}
Join Life of Meg for her blog hop.  So much fun!
 XoXo lovies!


Camylla Leonardi said...

Sounds like my kind of weekends! Fun and relaxing :)

Happy Monday,

Andrea said...

I love old school nintendo games! Especially from the original nintendo or the super nintendo. I feel so old. Also, Hocus Pocus is STILL one of my faves! Happy Halloween!

Sar said...

Was Horrible Bosses really hilarious?! I need to go see it!

Just stopping by for Mingle Monday! Happy Monday!

-Sarah from

Katie said...

I need to see Horrible Bosses as well! I keep hearing how funny it is!

I love that you love the old school Nintendo games, I miss them so much!

Visiting from Mingle Monday :)

Allison said...

Stopping by from Mingle Monday. Loved Horrible Bosses and I am definitely a fan of old school Nintendo games! My husband and I bust out our Nintendo frequently. :)

Ashley Slater said...

your furbabe is adorable! My Bella would love to be friends, for sure!

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