Friday, March 30, 2012

High Five

It's Friday and I really am in love with Fridays!!
I mean, what is there not to love?
I got to sleep an extra 2 hours, am wearing jeans, and picked up Chick Fil A for breakfast...
I'm as happy as a clam!!

I'm also happy about linking up with my favorite gals.
First up, Lauren who blogs over at From My Grey Desk.

High Five for Friday is a weekly post about your five favorite things recently. it's a chance to stop and reflect on the things that you've enjoyed over the past week, which is something we should all do.
I played. I won. I loved.
And now I cannot wait to play again.
I won $35 and got this awesome little gift.
Two of my favorite things....fingernail polish and lip gloss!
I had a very successful first week back in the gym.
AND I successfully said no to a free donut yesterday....yes, I am proud of myself.
My attempt at an outfit post.
It's the best I've got for now...
please don't be too harsh.
My date last night.  Mexican restaraunt is always high on my list.
Chips, salsa, beers, and good company.
Yes, please!
I bought a new blog design.  AHHHHH!!  Should be up this weekend!
I'm so excited...and it's one more thing that I get to mark off of my 101 in 1001.
Also linking up with Shane from Whispering Sweet Nothings.
Happy happy Friday lovelies!!
Have a fabulous weekend!



Amanda said...

I love your dress! My goal is to do an outfit post once a month. Which shouldn't be too hard, but it's just taking the time to do it, right? HAPPY FRIDAY! Oh and that be happy elephant is great too!

Katie said...

ummm, you need to do more outfit posts! you are too cute!! happy weekend!!

Beverly said...

Look at you and your spring-y dress!! adorbs girlie!!

and love that you won nail polish as your prize in Bunko. Looks like they know how to choose gifts right!

Happy Friday ;)

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

I'm so so excited to see your new design!
And we still need to figure out a way to do legit outfit posts even though we live alone and don't have fancy cameras/tripods...whomp whomp!

BUT I do have to say that you did a good job with what you have to work with :) I still want your hair!

Happy weekend, love!

the lovebirds said...

happy friday!!! love your little outfit post! And I love the quote about excuses. Just recently I heard a quote on NPR that really struct me... " You can give birth to an excuse so easily". I loved that- because it's so true, and we often need to be careful!! have a lovely weekend! xo

Anonymous said...

cute dress! tagged you in a post! happy friday!

his little Lady said...

your outfit is adorable girl! and seriously, how could you turn a free donut down. you have great will power ;)
xo TJ

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