Monday, April 02, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Mondayyyy, you have arrived oh so quickly!!
I'm enjoying a nice cup of coffee and enjoying my morning at home. 
(I don't have to be at work until 11:30)

As I'm typing this, I'm listening to Pandora on my handy dandy  iphone.
Wedding Dress by Matt Nathanson is playing right now and it seriously just makes me happy.
I loveeee him!
We all know what time it up time!  :)
Write random and link up with Carissa from Lowercase Letters.

I had a fun-filled weekend full of good ole' family time!
I truly love spending time with my lovies...especially my nieces and nephews.

Friday night, Kim and I babysat Halle, Carter, and Cooper so my brother and his wife could go see The Hunger Games.  We rented Happy Feet 2 (so cute) and cuddled up on the couches.
OK so maybe we had a little bit of fun too!

 Saturday, we ALL went over to my sister and brother-in-law's semi-new house to do some work...
The manly men built this deck, complete with a baby gate. :)
The women put the girls' letters and curtains up in their rooms.
We also did lots of chatting and sitting around on the deck watching the men work.
We were reallly really good at that.

I also did LOTS of shopping this weekend...
I have to admit, most of my stuff came from consignment and TJ MAX so I did bargain shop...that's ok right?
Unfortunately, all of my consignment stuff is being washed, but here is everything else.
I'm loving my new spring clothes. 
I think I did pretty good.  I'm actually wearing my new linen pants today. :)

I also bought some fabulous new nail polish.

I did some major crafting this weekend.
Here is a will have to wait to see just what I made...

My new blog design is now installed...yah! I love it.
Also, if you have my old blog button, it will no longer work so PLEASE, pretty please with a cherry on top add my new one. 
K, thanks!

OK peeps, it's time for Smell the Roses with Jess from Lovely Little Things.
Check out what Smell The Roses is all about here.

Last week's task was to write down 3 inspirational quotes and post them in places where you'll see them throughout the week.
I know this quote seems a little shallow, but I didn't want to beat around the bush with myself.
In all honestly I want to be fit not SKINNY, but feeling skinny to me isn't really about a number, it's about how I feel soooo's explained. :)
I only did 1 quote this week.

Happy Monday lovies.



Neely said...

love your new clothes!!

Shelby @ Sweetness in Starlight said...

Love love love the new blog design! :) Can't wait to share what I bought with you. You know, since we can't go shopping together.

Tabitha Mahoney said...

What craft did you do, looks fun!!!!

Looks like a fun weekend.


Ashley said...

Such a fun weekend! PS. LOVING this new blog design, girlie! So cute!

smk053078 said...

Loving your new design! yay!! It looks fab! Can't wait to see pictures of what you crafted this weekend! ;) Grabbing your button now!
Because Shanna Said So

smk053078 said...

Loving your new design! yay!! It looks fab! Can't wait to see pictures of what you crafted this weekend! ;) Grabbing your button now!
Because Shanna Said So

Beverly said...

OH em GEE!!! Your blog hood is looking mighty cute!!!! I love the colors you chose... super cheery and happy for me :)

I lalalalala love Viva La Juicy too!!! My fave (well in my top 5)... I love wearing difference scents different days!!

Happy Monday girlie!!!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Ohh I am loving the new blog design!
I'm gonna dd your new button to my blog love page! :)

AND no shame on that quote - people say it's shallow, but I say the same thing! It's true I think!

Do you like that nail polish brand?! I want to try it!

Happy Monday!

Michelle said...

Love that quote! It is pretty good at making me walk away from the cookies :)

Also loving your linen pants!!

Katie said...

so many good things in this post!! first of all - i LOVE the new blog look! SO GREAT! yeah for bargain shopping. adorable little girl in two piece. : ) and can't wait to see your craftiness!

Meg Cady said...

Holllaaa for the bargin shopping! welcome to my life!!

ummmm your nephews are the seriously the cutest with those mustaches!!!

Happy Mondayyyyy!!!


Amanda V said...

Your new blog design is SOO cute!

Jes said...

linen pants are the best.
as is pandora.
my monday station is usually the spice girls station :)
xx jes, newest follower

the lovebirds said...

linen pants are the best. so comfy and totally remind me of summer. and i wish i had an excuse to buy more nail polish- my husband will kill me if I come home with another color. ha. xo

Elsha.Rae said...

i love your clothes! and i want all of those nail polishes! xo

Candace said...

What a fun weekend! I wish you guys would call me when you do all this shopping and family fun!

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